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Food TV shows that you may not be watching but should be

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Walt knows something about grey matter that can bring them down. I think he's going to use that to blackmail elliott and gretchen to give money to his family. The ricin is for lydia. He's still gonna go after the nazis and free jesse when he finds him there.
  2. Lol

    I imagine Walt kills everyone falls on to his pile of money coughing up blood and sets it on fire to be his pyre
  3. Not I.
  4. Fucking lol @ this Andy Samberg show about him being a cop! :lol:
  5. Andy Samberg.... SHOW?
  6. So, is Breaking Bad a show worth totally watching every episode to catch up to the recent?
  7. i heard you were retarded or something.... of course its a good show. watch it now. i may just rewatch the whole thing while i wait for the finale on sunday.
  8. Hey fck you man. I hope you never find the GOOD skittles like, ever again!
  9. :( today i found out skittles taste like black and white to dogs.
  10. Dogs r dumb. They eat poop.
  11. and cats die of silly diseases
  12. Well, ummm.


    That's it. I'm getting the CEO of skittles & other shit on the phone right MEOW.

    You are BANNEDD from candy, or something.
  13. sorry :wtc: don't call skittles.
  14. Mr. Ghostcat Kittens is gonna poltergeist your shit up.
  15. no i will not make out with you
  16. lkdfjhljdl;ls;dljgdkfhfgjkh
  17. AMC is showing the entire series from start to finish tomorrow til the finale at 9pm EST Sunday. It's all on Netflix until the last 8 eps they dubbed a season and made us wait a year to get.
  18. Shit. That's a lot of recording...

    I'll have to figure out what 8 episodes are not on Netflix and then record those.
  19. Too early for jokes, son. hmpf.