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Food TV shows that you may not be watching but should be

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Yeah, that was... not good.
  2. I think the biggest problem with the Dexter ending is that we're probably all also watching the Breaking Bad ending which includes some of the best writing of all times.
  3. i stopped watching dexter after they
    killed doaks
  4. you were gay for him, weren't you.
  5. Yup. They have a LOT of shit to cover in 75 minutes next weekend. I have no idea how they are going to do it without cutting some major corners.

    Now, if Walt uses the Ricin on his ex partners, and then uses the M40 and takes out all the White supremacists, then dies in a blaze of glory shoot out with the cops. That will be close to perfect.
  6. That was around when I dropped out too.
  7. I don't think Walt will die. He has to live on in anguish knowing he's responsible for the death of everyone around him.
  8. and you werent?
  9. I just want to see Todd decapitate Lydia and turn her mouth into a fleshlight.
  10. He's already terminal. What would be the point of having him live through the end of the last episode?
  11. That's why this episode was not so amazing, its the lead up. If you doubt the writers have the ability to finish this in an episode, then you're a fool.
  12. Because the entire show is about witnessing the fall. Not the death.
  13. Dexter
    West Wing

    Plenty of cases where well written shows absolutely fucked up the finale.

    a fall without a landing is simply flight, yo.
  14. Dexter is the only one of those Ive seen. However, I've never seen a show that has been CONSISTANTLY good over every season. They can do it.

    edit: And Walt dying is the easy way out. That's not enough pain.
  15. Except, he's kind of an anti-hero. If the producers could have plausibly found a way to make him live at the end and just continue on his way, they would do it.

    He'll die, and somehow, someway, they will have Walt do something that appears post mortem that saves his family, which is what started it all and was pretty much his driving force until the Heisenberg personalty started to become dominant.

    And West Wing was excellent every season except it's last.
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    greatest finale ever.

  17. I feel like you're going to be disappointed by the finale, cause that's the cheesiest shit I've heard since the Dexter ending.
  18. So, what your saying is the only ending that will be valid is walt living in torment and hell for the rest of his days, his family left broken, or dead, or worse, and everyone around him demolished?
  19. Thats whats happening now
    I predict the "blaze of glory" ending
  20. Walts gonna go be a lumberjack with Dexter.