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Food TV shows that you may not be watching but should be

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Feb 21, 2013.

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    i got kinda caught up in that... im 6 or 7 episodes in.

    I gotta say, im liking these netflix originals shows. 55 minutes rather than 40, no commercials, good actors, etc.

    Kevin Spacey says it better than i could

    Basically, with netflix, they can produce good shows, with the original vision, without being pressured and bullied by the network to change things, or do things a certain way
  2. I think they just had too much shit to cram into 1 hour for the last 2 BB eps.
  3. That I can understand, for sure. For SoA, I don't get it, because it was the first 2 shows of the season...
  4. I watched it. I'm still on the fence as to if I'm goign to keep watching it, but it isn't bad
  5. How long does it take for a show to hit the web after it has been on the idiot box?
  6. Not long. Many websites stream a show immediately after it's been aired while editing out commercials. That's how I've been watching Breaking Bad.
  7. and wtf dexter... i guess the writers stopped caring long ago.
  8. I'd say by the next morning at the latest.
  9. Within an hour or two generally they will be on torrents. For example, The Blacklist was up 8 hours ago on iptorrents which would make it less than an hour after the show aired I think.
  10. Thank you one and all. :heart:
  11. It wasn't a horrible ending, but it definitely wasn't edge of your seat like previous episodes. :hs:
  12. Those writers should be ashamed. It was like they tried to stuff every single cliche they could think of into the last half of the episode.
  13. Ok, I'm starting to dig Sleepy Hollow. Definitely not for those that get scared easily though.

    Probably the best PG horror you can get though.
  14. I was watching MNF and totally forgot! I'm sure it will be up on Conan's site today. Worth watching?
  15. They avoided any level of reality, and made a mess of everything.

    It had some funny bits, might be worth watching some highlights
  16. LOL WUT

    Spoilered argument below.

    Just as Dexter has the season-long serial killer nemesis on his kill table, he decides he doesn't want to be a killer anymore and lets the guy go. The villain immediately proceeds to kill Debra. The villain gets caught, and Dexter snaps and kills the guy INSIDE THE POLICE STATION WHILE CAUGHT ON VIDEO. He and his co-workers review the tape, and then still let Dexter go. Dexter ships his son off to Argentina with the hot blonde serial killer he fell in love with. Then, instead of going with them, he abandons his son and girlfriend, fakes his own death, and becomes a lumberjack.

    No, seriously. That's exactly what happened. If that isn't a horrible ending, then my mind is blown.
  17. :lol: Well when you simplify it that way...

    Okay.. ya, it wasn't that great.
  18. It's almost like they picked plot points out of a hat.