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Food TV shows that you may not be watching but should be

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. That show was nuts. Whenever I see Don Cheadle trying to be seriously I just say to the screen GOLDEN PALACE CHEADLE. GOLDEN. PALACE.
  2. He was an egyptian motif wearing porn star turned Hi Fi Stereo store owner when it all began. Anything role after that is just an echo of the original greatness.
  3. HBO has a show coming out in January I am intrigued by, name of True Detective.
    Matt Maconeuwaway (or however you spell it) and Woody Harrelson as detectives in the south (Texas maybe?)
  4. Smells like a Justified ripoff.
  5. Those of you with directv, Richard Simmons is back! On channel 258. It was in commercial mode when I clicked out of morbid curiosity.
  6. Why? Because it is in the south? Because there are two detectives?
    It is a cop show, ultimately all of them are rip offs of Dragnet.
  7. I just finished season 4 of breaking bad.

  8. Mr. Ding Ding and Gus

  9. Season 5 is that X10
  10. Yes. I loved and hated Gus. So when he came out and straightened his tie. I was like OMG HOW AMAZING IS HE. But I was also cheering.

    Onto Season 5.... at least how much is on Netflix.
  11. Fucking hysterical. Spoiler from last BB ep. Don't click if you haven't seen it.

  12. You aint seen nutin yet.
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    @fly @APRIL

    Thoughts on Andy the Rat winning the whole game?

    I'm so disappointed!! I feel he just floated thru the whole game he just dodged lotsa bullets...

    This season was pure caca
  14. He was a great liar, but I was hoping GM would win out of the two as Andy was being a complete douchebag saying horrible and mean things about Elissa.

    Why did everyone hate her so much? Ya she's fake and has no personality, but she was not mean like the rest of them.
  15. I loved her from day one.
    She was pretty honest ...

    I didn't like Andy because he a) looked like a ginger dunno rat b) didn't fucking play like a rock star c) trashed talked Elissa

    I was rooting for VaGinaMarie in the end too

    I wonder how all the fired houseguests feel today :lol:
  16. Andy kept telling the feeds "do NOT vote for Elissa as America's favorite, I will diieeeeee if she wins."

    Stupid camera's didn't show his face when she won. GRR!!!

    It was fun to watch Elissa do yoga at least.

    My most hated house guest, mainly because she annoyed me to no end was Helen.
  17. After all her racist comments I was glad GM didn't win. I really hoped they were going to tell all three of them they lost thier jobs because of thier comments.
  18. lol @ you watching BB