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Food TV shows that you may not be watching but should be

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. They both have a 9.4 on imdb but I don't know anyone who would put The Wire over Breaking Bad. If The Wire were to come out today it would not rate as highly in comparison.
  2. The Wire > *
  3. Yes and if Breaking Bad came out 12 years ago it might not do as well. That's the thing with shows it's a moment in time and really based on how the audience pushes it. Even as fantastic and The Walking Dead is it the show came out a different time it might flop.
  4. The Wire is a terrible, terrible show.
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    Breaking Bad spoiler
    RIP jesse

    Come on Mike. That's not fucking cool. WTF man
  6. No, it just requires a brain to be able to enjoy it.
  7. Yes, I'm clearly too dumb for it. :rolleyes: Ape and I tried to watch it two separate times about 1-2 years apart. I think both times we made it most of the way through the first season before we couldn't take it anymore. Terrible characters, boring story line, and just... blech.
  8. Cranston has 3 best actor Emmys and Aaron Paul has one for best supporting. BB>*
  9. Point proved.

  10. Someone here or on twitter suggest I watch The Killing. I'm on season two and the shit just drags onnnn and onnnnn and ooooooonnnnnnn! Ugh
    How can a police department accidentally accuse like 50000 diff people with the same crime in 14 daaaays! Gawd!
  11. I watched an ep or 2 and never made it back. Total snoozer.
  12. A 2week span spread into 2 seasons!!!! Wtf
  13. Boardwalk Empire back on the 8th and Sons of Anarchy back on 10th.
  14. I kind of liked the killing but got bored after like 10eps, it just went on too long with too many suspects. I didn't even watch the last season of SoA, got bored.
  15. How else do you folks suggest that an arcing crime drama be written?
  16. A young Jesse Pinkman.

  17. Is that a young Jesse Pinkman?
  18. are you functionally disabled?

    That domon-level lack of reading comprehension.
  19. Jesse Pinkman will eat all your cereal, then burn your house down.
  20. OMG is that a young Jessie Pinkman?