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Food TV shows that you may not be watching but should be

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Common sense is "edgy and liberal"? :wtf:
  2. Seems to be in America.

    I'm only busting your chops. But I do find it very odd and droll that the basis for this entire TV show is for Sorkin to have his soapbox wankathon about things that are pretty much just normal and common sense. As if nobody ever thought of these things and it's oh so original? Oh so original that Casey Anthony was a media shitstorm for x reason and x reason, really? Does this need pointing out? Are the audience drooling gorillas?
  3. So you are saying that Europe doesn't have a sensationalist media, or.... ?

    FWIW, most the people i know don't care about the "big" news stories, they want to know what is actually happening.
    And I see the show as Sorkin saying "look, here is what the news could be. Look what could happen if our journalists regained their integrity" not "haha! The media sucks! Look at them reporting on fake stories"
    Not saying you believe it is the latter, but you seem to have a more cynical view of it than I.
  4. I wanted to like Newsroom, but it was like Sorkin created his own comment section on and then filled it with contrived rants.
  5. Indeed. Which is why it's a complete snore. Anyone with a brain already knows this. I suppose if you want to jerk yourself off over an idealistic liberal preachathon it's good for that, but most of it makes me roll my eyes. Nothing original in it.
  6. So do you not enjoy any fiction? Anyone with half a brain knows that a world with Hogwarts and magic is better than this one.
  7. Good logic there champ.
  8. My point with that is that you don't hold a piece of fiction up to reality and say "hey! these aren't the same!" then drop the piece of fiction because it doesn't compare to reality.

    Fiction is to escape reality, it's to see a different view.
  9. On Time, On Target
  10. I know @WaW and I have discussed it already but if you're not watching it you need to catch Drunk History. Basically they get someone super hammered and have they tell a historical story. Once it's recorded they use actors to re-enact the story using the drunk person's dialog. Super funny.
  11. Huh, I'll have to check that out. Know what station it's on?
  12. I saw an episode or two. Enjoyable, but I am forced to wonder if the drunk gets a primer before he gets drunk
  13. Omfg that sounds brilliant
  14. It's pretty damned funny and they've been getting some good stars to do the drunken historical reenactments. Check it out.
  15. Where tho ???
  16. Comedy central
  17. Gonna try and watch Newsroom episode 2 tonight just to inform everyone of how much of a fail it is in comparison to the last episode.
  18. Just started watching Weeds on the back of Orange is the new black and them sharing writers and all. So far so good I guess, I love seeing West Wing actors popping up in other shows, usually a good indicator.

    Plus I wanted to bump this thread to give my critique on Newsroom Ep 2 and 3 which were again gigantic failures. I was discussing Sorkin's failure with DJB just the other day, and we discussed how virtually no characters in his show are married. Out of interest we googled him and he had a 9 year marriage. That was it. 9 years then divorce. Kind of explains a lot, especially now he's in his 50's/60's and that's it.
  19. This is probably behind our firewall but here's an interview of Sorkin by the new President of CNN from 2 weeks ago.