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Food TV shows that you may not be watching but should be

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Feb 21, 2013.

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    holy faaaak

  2. half way thru season 1 of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT.

    omg this show is hilarious :D
  3. Why they cancelled it mid 3rd season I'll never know.
  4. Because Fox is notorious for making poor programming decisions.

    Has anyone watched the Amy Schumer show on Com Central? Shit is hysterical.
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    So Franklin and Bash is going into it's 3rd season, and somehow got a 2 hour season premiere out of it.

    I mean, it's funny at times, but a 2 hour premiere?

    Oh shit, Heather Locklear is taking over for Malcom MacDowell. Interesting.
  6. I'd love to be inside her
  7. She looks like she has an uber rack. Would smash.
  8. Ok, maybe they aren't that great.
  9. It's good for her that Chelsea Handler has made drunken bar sluts popular again.
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  11. Boooo really? Ugh..
    Well on netflix they r advertising some new episodes? I think I saw that...
  12. correct after 6 years they decided to film some more episodes for netflix only. I'm not sure how much of the cast is back though.
  13. Its the full cast , and a full 4th season.
  14. I know I turned Drool onto this show but if you haven't watched it Wilfred starts again on June 20th.
  15. As in Brimley?
  16. Elijah Wood has a dog that talks to him
  17. Oh, right. If I run across it I'll maybe check it out.
  18. Yay!
  19. I don't do enough drugs to make that show enjoyable.
  20. Man, anything I watch on I.D. Discovery makes me terrified to ever get married. Every show on this channel is about spouses murdering each other.