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Food TV shows that you may not be watching but should be

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Feb 21, 2013.

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    i didnt get a chance to watch the teen mom reunion cuz i was watching the hockey game :( :( :(

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    Me neither! I feel asleep when I finally tried to watch the dvr recording at 11. So, I still have to watch it!
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    OK, wait. Did you see last weeks??
  4. WELL?? What did you think about Kailyn's psycho shit about Vee?? Damn girl! As much as you're into this show, too, you don't wanna gossip about it??
  5. Anyone catch Defiance on Syfy?
  6. DVR'd it, didn't watch last night yet.
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    ofcourse i wanna gossip about itttttt :nev:

    here is my take...

    I think from the beginning Kailyn's been about her kid. She worked, took care of her baby and lived on her own. I think.. or thought she was the most mature.
    She has gone back to suck Jo's dick countless times... this tells me that she still loves the kak..
    so when Joe gets a new, pretty thinner GF the real KAILYN comes out. and she went fucking NUTS!
    she is CLEARLY jeloaus and is using this whole "smoking weed" shit as an excuse to hate on the new GF (Vee Torres)




    and OMG @ her freaking out on DR DREW!!! ahahahahha I laughed my ass off!! EPIC


  8. Is it the middle one that was in the porn? Forgot to check that out.
  9. no, but they do look alike.

    Farrah Abraham is the meat monster.
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    Yah, she really wants Jo, I think. I truly am shocked about her temper & aggression! I thought she was the most level headed, now I think she is the most nuts. I really think she's married Javi just for benefits. Nothing in those episodes did she say, (when asked why so quick), "I'm madly in love with him. So over Jo" Never! The first thing outta her mouth is "Beeeecause me n Issac will be able to get benefits" (like, duh!) LOL!

    Also, she's being totally shitty about that moving away stuff. Her "tough shit" attitude to Jo about him missing his son is proof enough that she doesn't care about anyone but herself. Jo seems a good dad. She doesn't care. Doesn't think about Isaac as she says she does. If she did, she'd be concerned about him missing his daddy, not marrying some dude to make her life easier & hurting Jo. Whatta nutjob.

    No, Farrah Abraham is from 1st Teen Mom series.
  11. I swear I just saw him in Mo' Money, even though he doesn't appear to be credited.
  12. Wouldn't surprise me. Iirc, he got his big break in a Spike Lee movie a couple years prior. I also think I was the only one who saw Mo Money in the theater. :D

    Thought you would enjoy this. Just noticed I still had this tab open whilst imdb'ing Mo Money.
  13. :drool: love the Mondial

    I suppose I could auction my spleen and mostly cover that....
  14. It's definitely Fring, he's the boss/boyfriend of the chick that Damon Wayans is all into.
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  16. Scully seemed pretty cool and down to earth. She said there will be a 3rd X-Files movie eventually. At one point someone asked her about meeting Wil Wheaton. Wil Wheaton popped in and replied to her response.
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    Deadd!! Wow, her daughter is super pretty!

    Did you catch Monday night's Dr. Drew with Leah & Chelsea??

    The whole thing was pretty boring, actually.

    Oh, and I came across this...It's a preview of Farrah in her next porn. :fly:

    @Fat Melissa