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Food TV shows that you may not be watching but should be

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. America loves it's whores
  2. The netflix show Hemlock Lane is pretty cool
  3. I just recently picked up Justified, watched the first episode last night (need a BSG replacement since.... fuck bsg after s2). Watched the first justified ep last night, it was fun.
  4. omg yay :nev:

    imma live tweet that shit.
    i love yelling at them on twitter
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    I knowwww. Since I watched the finale yesterday, I've been a little over consumed with "what are they doing IRL RIGHT NOW?!" I spent an embarrassing amount of time late Monday night into Tuesday, Googling away! :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Edit: can't wait til next week's sit down with Dr. Drew. A preview showed Kailyn flying off the handle again and stomping off stage! She's not one I expected to see such a shitty side of. Poor Javi. :( :fly:
  6. The funniest part was the drama around it-

    Basically, it sounds like she went in there to film a sex tape, which you can do (he's got a thing on his site to apply to do a scene with him). I think she wanted to "leak" it for publicity, as if people wouldn't recognize probably the most mainstream popular male porn star right now.
    So when TMZ saw them together, they ended up asking Deen what was up, were they dating or whatever, and he just confirmed that it was a planned taping that she or her people set up with his people, which pissed her off because it ruined her plans for a publicity stunt.

    AND THEN she was like whatever he has a tiny dick and can't fuck




  7. No shit. & she brought her kid with her to the negotiations meeting with Vivid about how much they were going to pay her.
  8. unsurprising. It's not like she's a fucking rocket scientist.
  9. This thread should just be about mad men and game of thrones.
  10. I think her dad was there, too, from what I saw of pics. :lol:!
  11. and James Deen :shifty:
  12. Mad men is boring.
  13. Technically it shouldn't since everyone already watches them.
  14. This. I watched the first season or so and then lost interest. There was never really enough going on to keep my interest.
  15. The US Office series finale will be next week. While this last season has been not good at all I will be very sad to see this show end. It has been the top of my TV watching list for since its existence.
  16. This
  17. I've never watched it. The humor seemed sweaty and awkward.
  18. Good lord, that show is still on?
  19. Oh please.
  20. Jesse was in Atlanta last night getting ripped on tequila.