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Food TV shows that you may not be watching but should be

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Im done :/ they had 17 million things change in a matter of 20 seconds, most of which make no sense, all the characters arent even acting like themselves, and the season 3 episode descriptions read like soap-opera bullshit.

    Its like they wiped out everything that had happened in s1 and s2, and started over with a new show, and the new show is shitty.
  2. Well, Im sure there are reruns of the gilmore girls you can watch instead.
  3. I also disliked the "new" bsg, booooorrrrrriiiing.

    Plus, Face will always be Starbuck to me, not some cranky butch chick.
  4. My old room mate from the 90's had a reoccurring character on that show and I still can't bring myself to watch. /waw post
  5. :lol:++++
  6. since im done watching my beloved Teen Mom (those little redneck baby machines were so entertaining)
    i have decided to try and watch LOST, from episode 01...

    i have never seen a full episode, i think i tried once but my A.D.D. kicked in. anyhoo... wish me luck.
    all i know its about a plane going down in an island.
  7. I give you maybe 6 or 7 episodes before you say 'fuck this show'.

    If not, then the first episode of season 2, which was when I realized the entire show was bullshit and the 'lore and backstory' everyone talked about was bullshit, and a lot of stuff was just made up on the fly.

  8. Theres a lot going on, and it makes you think about stuff.
    You wont like it.
  9. PS, did you see the news where, I think Teen Mom 2 decided to go into porn? She just filmed with James Deen last month.
  10. this isnt very encouraging guises!
    it was so popular and there are sooooo many episodes... hmmm..
    well i shall give it a chance.

    sons of anarchy
    breaking bad
    walking dead
    mind fucks

    loved it.
    i cant wait to see it. shes sucha lil biatch.

  12. I still can't believe you haven't given Nip/Tuck a try yet.
  13. nope, it doesnt "call me" for some reason.
    i like mind fucks.
    isnt nip/tuck along the lines of Greys Anatomy (barf)
  14. I watched the first 4 or 5 episodes of that
    Not too bad, Ill have to go back to it
  15. Not even close. The entire first 4 seasons are mind fucks. Seasons 1 and 2 are most excellent.

    The entire show is 100% the opposite of Greys Anatomy. Christian Troy is a fuck god.
  16. hmmmmm realllllly????
    let me check if Netflix has it
  17. Started watching Banshee. Pretty okay.
  18. OMG I love Teen Mom 2. Unfortuntely only seasons 1 and 2 are on netflix. Those stupid little sluts are so interesting. WHY????
  19. omggggg SEPT 29 RULESSSS! i knew u were my cake-day soul mate for a reason.

    omg they are sooooo addicting!!

    get ready tho!! TEEN MOM 3 is just around the cornerrrrrr
  20. No! I've seen a couple clips from the current season and I'm like SPOILERS NOOOOOOO.