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Food TV shows that you may not be watching but should be

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. I just started watching this shit show yest!
    I got shit to do today so I'll catch up on season 2 tonight
  2. Lawl. I have shit to do but my motivation is so wiped. Ill just finish this one and wait on 2 for a bit.
  3. I did this yest.... I veged and watched this freak show!!!

    PS: I love this bitch

  4. Haha. I love Adelaide. Like the only freakin sane thing in the show!!
  5. Omg keeks would you eat raw bloody pancreas!?! Hahaha
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  6. UHM I lick raw chicken dude!

  7. GROSS
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  8. Skinny Minnie Bitchez
  9. Haha. In starting competitive dieting st work on Monday to help all the fatties lose some weight.
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  10. Omg brainssssssss
  11. Last month's Hell on Wheels episode wasgood. Tonight's episode was a bit too gory for me, but everything else was good.
    TBH I was getting bored with this season; finally they picked up the pace a bit.
  12. American Horror Story update

    Ok so I watched season 1 and it was great!
    I started season 2, got to episode 2 and was like FAAAWK THIS!
    It's just waaaay too jumpy and twisted gory for me. Not fun to watch especially in the dark in my room #ScaredyCat

    Fuck it.
    Plus I can't watch Nuns and priests fucking and being Groce sinners and shit. Not my cup of tea.

    Anyhoooo moved on to season 3 annnnd my Plex is fucking up again! Ugh!!! I'm wide awaaaaake

    @Dory @ april
  13. Eurgh Im not into any kind of sexual violence or anything. The whole nun thing sounds like its for shock value. Gonna finish up season 1 today, let me know about 3. I might save watching it til Im in NY with my pal.

  14. Omg i looooove season 3!!!!!
    Watch it @Dory!!!!!

    You're gonna loveeeeeee it
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  15. Oh wow, it's jumpy? I guess I don't remember at all...
  16. It was for me @ 2am....
    And it was waaaay more twisted and gory! It was just too much for me. Skipped it.
  17. Gory? You're going to hate S4 then.
  18. Omg don't say that

    Season 3 with these witches is up my alley lololol
  19. I liked S3.
  20. OMG Jessica Lange is fucking awesome in S3. She's just fucking brilliant
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