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Food TV shows that you may not be watching but should be

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Ive tried watching s1e1 and its sooooooo scaaaaareeee
  2. You are bigger baby than April :lol:
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  3. Season 4 has been amazing so far
    I even love the intro, it looks like it was made by whoever made the Tool videos in the 90s
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  4. Hold me Tony Danza i iz scuurrrrred
  5. American Horror Story has been hit and miss for me. Season 1 was good, Season 2 not so much, Season 3 was OK. I've only watched the first episode of season 4 and it seems pretty awesome.
  6. I love the intro too! Kind of freaks me out some. The two headed chick kissing. Holy fuck nuts!
  7. I dislike scary stuff too. Thankfully this show isn't very jumpy which is the worst part of scary stuff for me. Guessing you too?

    Thanks to the internet we can handle gore and weirdness. Just don't fucking jump out at me.
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  8. Hate hate hate haaaate jumpy scary stuff, it gives me fucking anxiety and it stresses me out. I feel like "why am I putting my self thru this?? Someone put on a frkn comedy so I can laugh"

    I iz scurrrred
  9. You and I should always stay out of haunted houses then. Forever banned.
  10. Did you see the movie Ransom with Mel Gibson?

    When I left the theater I was almost sick. Loved it though.
  11. AHS is more creepy than scary. You'll like it.
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  12. Omg noooo waaaaai you won't catch me in one of those!!!
  13. Sounds familiar... Can't remember what it's about
  14. Mel is a rich man from NYC who has his son kidnapped, instead of paying the ransom he goes on TV and says "whoever returns my son to me gets this money."
    Kidnappers panic, everything goes Hollywood.

    Decent movie, doesn't hold up as well viewing a couple years later
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  15. for me, the terrifying part was it was his kid and how easily (yeah, I know, it was in the script) they could create a believable situation to kidnap the kid.
  16. Ok so I'm watching AHS and I don't get how Jessica Lange just keeps walking in uninvited! Dont these people know how to lock their doors???

  17. Don't sweat the small details, yo.
  18. My Plex keeps lagging/pausing and I can't watch this effin show!!!! :rage:
  19. Im gonna try AHS tonight. Never watched before.
  20. Skip season 3

    Edit - its a new story each season, so it wont matter