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Food TV shows that you may not be watching but should be

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Speaking of garbage that's still on TV. Has anyone else noticed it's getting harder and harder to tell Dog the Bounty Hunter from his wife?
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  2. Did his tits get as big as hers?
  3. not sure if you should be watching, but I was watching what appeared to be the rerun of the season opener of You're the Worst.

    Some english guy, bitter, gets laid, bla bla bla relationship issues. Whatever.

    BUT - he apparently wrote a shitty book and ran over to the tiny eclectic book store to hijack the 'managers recommendations' shelf. The manager of the bar comes over. totally average chick, but i totally recognize the voice. a full minute later it hits me. It's Flo from the progressive commercials. They did a nice job of making her not look like Flo. But, I really thought she was too pigeon holed to get out of that role. it's nice to see that she's making an effort.
  4. Holy fawk Honey Boo Boo got canceled and that shit keeps getting trashier and trashier

    Smh @ mama June
  6. Missed last night. Must not click.
  7. That fat cow needs her fat ass kicked for bringing a child molester into her house around her children.
  8. I was kind of bummed they got killed at the end, I wanted to see if the tainted meat made then turn!
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    Everyone turns.
  10. Funny shit.

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  11. Loved that. Go from winning an oscar to car commercials.
  12. :ohnoes:
  13. Reminded me of:

  14. A parody of Matthew McConaughey reminded you of Matthew McConaughey?
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  16. Right?!?!????
    Wtfffffff is she doing back in the arms of the man who forced oral sex on her then 8 YEAR OLD BABY???

    Like I can't wrap my head around this trash
  17. I hope they take her daughter away from her and get that kid somewhere safe. Disgusting.
  18. I hope they give honey booboo to her dad and not put her in the system cuz that's just as bad

    What they need to do is put mama June in a room full of crazy bitches with aids
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