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Food TV shows that you may not be watching but should be

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. I'll allow it
  2. George Takei > Most things
  3. This was a reference to Takei's April Fools Joke today.
  4. Forgot An Idiot Abroad S3.
  5. Season opener of Game of Thrones was awesome
    Season finale of the Walking Dead was pretty good too
  6. Just trading one sunday night addiction for another.

    I'm curious how GOTS3 is going to play out.
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    I know they're splitting it across two seasons, because

    the 2nd to last episode this season features something that is only halfway through the books.

    I don't know how Selmy is going to reveal that one secret he has to reveal, since he already came out as Selmy instead of pretending to be Arstan. Now if he waits to reveal the secret, he is untrustworthy.

    Also, Littlefinger's involvement in trying to get Sansa out of King's Landing isn't supposed to be so obvious yet, that kind of annoyed me (though I liked the "watch out for her with him" line).

    whatever, needs moar Hound
  8. Justified

    finale! Tonight.
  9. Oh is that still a thing?
  10. the new character " mr. Augustine" is fucking hysterical. He's like a Mr. BrassBalls. Like Blake/alec baldwin from glengarry glen ross.
  11. Game of Thrones premiere sets piracy record

    Most important part, someone gets it. You don't produce crap, people will buy it.


  12. there were massive antipiracy measures being put against it too. Corruption on a majority of the files, and man in the middle stuff (bad peers, etc)

    took me 7 copies to get a good one.
  13. Justified season finale last night.

  14. Usenet > torrents
  15. I still get a shitload of problems downloading off usenet too, so I suspect the same shit is happening there.

    Well, not a shitload, but at least 5 movies released in the past year have wound up with some BS.
  16. the first 5 WERE usenet.

    even the NZBs off your site were bad. They either wouldnt complete, or were corrupted. Obviously its a provider issue, but still.
  17. We were going to cancel cable, but found out that because of the grouping of services, if we take away cable, it will only save about 10/mnth.
  18. Do you really need the other services?
  19. What is grouped?

    What i've found to be cheapest is bare internet +independent cell

    I guess it depends what 18gazillion services you "need" though
  20. Mine's part of my monthly HOA fee. Couldn't get rid of it even if I wanted to. I don't.