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Food TV shows that you may not be watching but should be

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. OMG what was the name of the show??!!
  2. right?

    Fuck that whore.
  3. She's a selfish evil cunt.
  4. She keeps the hits coming this season.
  5. Faaaaaak wait til Jax finds out!!!!!
  6. Calling it now. The last shot of the series will be Gemma crying as she cradles Jax dead head in her lap.

    Everyone will die but somehow that bitch will live on.
  7. Omg nooooo don't say that bitch must burn!!!
  8. Omg downton is this Sunday. I'm not at work. So excitement. I keep seeing adverts. Omgggg
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  9. Isn't SOA one of the BEST shows ever?
  10. The

    I wanna fuck Jax like no other fictional character evaaaaar
  11. Isn't that a white dude?
  12. lulz

    I hear tonight's episode brings in a new sheriff.
  13. ya, but he sells drugs and kills people so.....
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  14. Give me Alex from OITNB over jax any day. Would love a bit of her. Yum!
  15. It's like you can read my soul
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  16. I can't get over that's she's Donna from that 70s show and used to fucking Eric Foreman...

  17. She's much more grown up and sexier now.
  19. Crazy eyes is your type. Don't lie

  20. I always remembered she played Karla Holmolka in a movie based on the real life of Paul Bernardo & Karla Holmolka murdering young girls after sexually assaulting them & video taping it. She was really creepy & played the part too well.