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Food TV shows that you may not be watching but should be

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. We are going to Casey's house next Wednesday to watch BB. lolol
  2. Omg soooo jelly!!!
  3. They went too far for my tastes. How many bad things can you make happen in a span of 3 episodes? I haven't watched season 4 at all.
  4. Or you can be like me and set up your computer as a HTPC on a windows platform, allowing you to do everything on your computer, then as easy as it is to pick up a remote, now you can navigate netflix from your couch without the need for a keyboard or mouse. All operations are handled by remote control.
  5. Totally caught up on Teen Mom 2. :fly:
  6. Booooo I'm behind by a whole season.
  7. Get on that shit! It's hilarious to see them so obvious about spending their Teen Mom money from the show! You must marathon. I did this last week one night when Cricket & Formula 1 ruled the household the whole day & evening. :lol:
  8. I think that's what I just said. My own HTPC runs XBMC/mythtv on a debian platform, so I don't get silverlight without some severe monkeying in WINE that I'm not willing to do.

    But I do have a Wii-U, and to make up for its complete lack of good games, I make it run Amazon Prime and Netflix to earn its keep, instead of having to compromise and run windows as a server (or split it and run two machines where one would do).
  9. We tried canceling cable once. Boring as fuck! Downloading whatever you want to watch is tedious and awful. Directv with simple On Demand ftw. Plus Netflix and Amazon Prime Streaming.
  10. We do a lot of this
    Plus any broadcast shows I want to see, I just dvr them and view at my convenience.
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  11. I DVRed Utopia the other night. My wife and I made it through 15 minutes.

    How it's billed: A group of people build their own utopia, creating the society they want, how they want it!
    What it is: Big Brother 2/The Real World 78. No one built anything. A bunch of strangers move into a compound and proceed to get drunk, naked, sleep together, and dwell on producer-induced drama.

    This is why April left (cable).
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  12. I knew that show would be ass from when I saw the fist ad for it
  13. You sound like an old man.
  14. April said that we don't have to watch BB next year. Im so excited.
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  15. Windows is still better for home. :elfpenis:
  16. Sometimes technology is great and improves your life. Like remote desktops and telecommuting. Sometimes it just gets in the way, and brings me more stress than happiness. Like canceling cable and trying to remember the 400 shows and sporting events I like to skim on tv.
  17. It might be better for your home. Not mine.
  18. Oh.

    You're a channel flipper.

    You are old.
  19. I'm more of a Guide Channel reader. Who then clicks on things to see if they are any good. Lots of time on the sciencey channels, home repair channels, history channels, etc. Oh and sports.

    Then there's my wife with all her goddamn dancing and singing shows.
  20. I hated paying for 200 channels and only having about 10 worth watching.So I got rid of it. And if I still want to, there are about 5 channels I get due to the requirement that some channels be transmitted through cable at no cost for security reasons.
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