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Food TV shows that you may not be watching but should be

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Looking forward to the return of Sleepy Hollow in a couple of weeks.
  2. Yeah. Im interested in Gotham as well. I'm curious to see how they run with it. It might be a good lead in for Sleepy Hollow.
  3. It's on Fox right? They'll fuck it up by running episodes out of order like Firefly and Almost Human.
  4. OMG really???
    I must fiiiiiind the missing seasons online!
    I got this Apple TV shit still in it's box and I haven't even hooked it up. Maybe I can find it thru there
  5. I can't believe you monkeys watch broadcast tv. :lol:

    Oh, right. You're pinching pennies for a few decades so you can invest in a money pit.
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  6. I'm interested in Gotham as well & hope its good.
  7. Ahahahahahahaaa
  8. Who watches broadcasted TV?

    We canceled cable and download everything. YAY for the money pit!
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  9. This.

    Also, it's awesome knowing where I can go to watch any live football game I want. Even if it's blacked out in my area.
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  10. Ya, fuck cable and commercials.
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  11. I keep threatening to do this....I just can't pull the trigger.
  12. kiko didn't know what half the new toys are cool and stuff cuz we had NO cable and he never saw commercials.
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  13. If you know where to get all your favorite shows, what are you waiting for?
  14. does he watch anything but the occasional dvd or download?

    same reason that my daughter totally wanted to know why her shows were being interrupted by stuff about cars and soda.
  15. The only commercials I see are when I'm watching NFL games. Otherwise I'm watching one of about 6 shows that are still on the air, or Netflixing something. Usually old shows like Cheers and Knight Rider. The shit I grew up with.
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  16. I don't watch a lot of weekly tv shows other than Modern Family and The Walking Dead but I watch a lot of sports.
  17. My wife works for a USA & Canadian Network doing marketing analysis ... so we have cable tv ... tv through the internet/Bell Fibe & some other satellite channel thing for her to watch shows.

    Its all paid for by her company ... we estimate if we had to pay for all these services from these different company's we'd be paying $1200 or more a month.
  18. If you don't mind a stream quality picture, I can tell you where you can watch all of your favorite sporting events. Everything from American Football to Cricket.
  19. US Sports, british sports, south American soccer etc. All in one place. All you need is a computer...
  20. Please do tell!