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Food TV shows that you may not be watching but should be

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. On the GAME. Jeez.
  2. Shark Tank. Then, the Profit.

    On in 40 mins. I love these shows.
  3. What's the Profit? Yes I know I can look up a synopsis, but I'm lazy
  4. There's a guy who goes into businesses that are on the brink of closing & looks around, & for 50% ownership pours his $ and ability into it to make them worthwhile.

    It's amazing what they catch with the camera.

    The guy is all: It's about People, Process, Product. Nothing else. Nothing.

    There was a gym owner that had this highly unique gym environment. no machines. all ropes, wall climbing, tough obstacle stuff. The guy asks the owner why no equipment and the owner says 'we do it differently.' Appropriate Reality TV show response by money man: "So, how's that working for ya?"

    Mr. Money offers $250K, he is 'entirely in charge of everything. the end,' and wants 50% ownership, on top of recouping the first $250K in profit back to pay off his 'loan.' Mr. Muscle agrees, but then, Mr. muscle owner gets cranky pants and wants to bail so Mr. Money says, you lose me and my $. Starting now. But your wife makes great protein bars and if she wants to continue production with them with me, under my guidance, as a separate biz, I'm all for it. He looks over at the wife & she says, "Oh, OK. I'm in." hubby/wife loyalty questions ensue. hubby says you're abandoning us, she says I'm trying to bring in money for us. I love you the same.

    hubby has 'come to jesus' moment, calls Mr. Money, makes changes. Now is booming biz.

    tldr: In summary, he plainly points out what's not bringing in $ and what does bring in money. And has a shit ton of experience making money. I have several "yeah, he's exactly right about that' moments during the show.
  5. Very interdasting
  6. To me, the most interesting part is when the biz owner gets cranky AFTER agreeing to the deal.

    I get this occasionally and tell the customer, you didn't have to agree to this.
  7. Happens on all those types of shows. Kitchen nightmares, Bar Rescue, etc.
  8. absolutely. But it's good for my stamina to see that shit going down in other places. It's like teenagers. The learning curve is swift and brutal.
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  9. Downtown Abbey is back in the UK on 21st September.
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  10. Yessssssssssss
  11. Thank God True Blood is over.
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  12. After the 2nd season that show did nothing for me.
  13. It didn't do anything for anyone. Somehow we kept watching it though.
  14. I'm very angry with this show right now, having just completed Season 3. I'm finding it hard to want to watch anymore. How dare they?
  15. Omg guises y'all need to watch THE MINDY PROJECT

    Much laughs!!!
  16. Don't be ridic Eileen. The show is real
    Even rich people die. sadly.
  17. Don't take me literally here. I'm just pouting because they killed off my favorite character. Really though, this show is not real. It is a soap opera.
  18. Don't find her funny at all. Oh look I'm awkward, obsessed about my weight and trying to find a man. Meh.
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  19. Aawww really??
    I'm find her adorably hilarious!!
  20. Just not for me, but clearly, it's for someone as the show's been going on for a while.