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Piccolo Pete
Oct 14, 2004
Columbus, OH
Yes I knowwwww but on this particular show, each character must smoke around 30 ciggz per episode

Asking about the realism of Mad Men

Jerry Della Femina, the veteran ad exec widely regarded as one of Madison Avenue's biggest personalities, most creative thinkers and an over-the-top publicity-seeker:
Q: Did ad agency executives really drink that often — and that much — in the 1960s?
A: If anything, it's underplayed. There was a tremendous amount of drinking. Three-martini lunches were the norm.
Q: But the show makes it look like everyone kept a bottle or two in their desk drawer. And it wasn't Geritol.
A: Bottles in desk drawers were not the exception but the rule. I had an open bar at the agency in which I kept 10 to 15 bottles of booze. Anyone at the agency could walk in and get it. Invariably, one or two guys would come in at 9 a.m., pour a shot and slug it down. It was a business of drinking. The way we lived really would make the characters in Mad Men all look like Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. We drank and screwed around.
Q: Did agency executives really smoke that much?
A: I smoked three to four packs a day. Everybody smoked at all times in all meetings. Once, when I was sitting in a meeting for the Contac account, I had a (lit) cigarette in my hand and another in the ashtray. When I put down the cigarette to do a chalk talk, I tried to light the piece of chalk.

Dory Berkowitz-Bukowski

Ready for some Heroin
Oct 15, 2004
Robin Hood Country
Your lungs must look like two lumps of coal


. . first name's "Daisy" boys
May 12, 2008
Brandon, FL
Except anymore, they all do. America's dirty little secret is that we've all become whores on the sly.