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Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Uh......what
  2. he's somehow socially respectable, despite the aforementioned pervertry. Noone looks at him and says "look at that creep" or is like "keep your children away from littlefinger"

    People trust Varys less than him, and he's completely asexual.
  3. Yes because Littlefinger has so many friends.

    I think anyone watching the show says 'look at that creep', so how is it looking normal?
  4. you're being enemy-ey
  5. The fact he has to pretend she's a niece i.e. much younger means he's been creepy and not normal.
  6. Bad retort. You're trying to say a pervert looks normal, and I don't see anyone this is enemy-ey?

  7. Sansa herself knows he's being creepy and weird. :lol:
  8. normal in the GoT world. Thats a very different normal from the real world.

    He's a downright saint compared to Ramsey Bolton
  9. Oh that old chesnut.

    Being a 'saint' in comparison to Bolton makes someones creepiness 'normal' how exactly?

    Most useless argument ever.
  10. That guy is just fucked up and broken in every way

    Petyr is really good at making people think what he wants them to think of him
    Hes beyond devious
  11. oh, no argument at all. He plays everyone. Noone is more important to Petyr than Petyr and his schemes.
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    Sansa didn't lie to save Littlefinger in the book. That's a pretty serious alteration that changes their relationship in an interesting way.
  13. You raped her.
    You murdered her.
    You killed her children.
  14. that was as bloody awesome as i thought it could be.
  15. He talked too much and got himself smushed
  16. Totally.
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    my mind is slipping. i can't remember anything after this fight besides the fight at the wall.
  18. Tyrion killing Tywin. Cersei getting locked in a tower because shes an incestuous lying cunt
  19. Ahh yeah... Though I don't remember the cersei bit