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Food TV shows that you may not be watching but should be

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Feb 21, 2013.

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    Omg why does everyone on this show smoke soooo much?? Like every 2 seconds

    I feel like I've posted about this before.. Have I?


    I'm so not a feminist but I realllly hate the way they treat the women on this show...
    @Dory would implode
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    Watched it before and very much approved of the historical portrayal of women's role and how it evolved over that time period actually. :)
  3. It's like saying you're angry over 12 years a slave. Slavery happened, that's what happened, it's more factual than something to get riled over.

  4. takes place in the 60s
    Smoking and smackin women around was cool back then
  5. When I was watching mad men I actually had to go to the store to buy Lucky Strikes and whiskey. It almost bankrupt me.
  6. It's not anymore?

    well shit
  7. I refuse to believe the smoking was THIS BAD!!

    A doctor puffin a cigarette while doing a vaginal exam ??!!

    As if!!!!
  8. DJB used to sit in class smoking with his teachers back in the day.

    As for the women in the show I love them. Great, complex characters for once. Peggy and Joan are amazing, I wish I looked like Joan :drool: :heart:
  9. I am watching Gogglebox.

    Fat Lola would like it

    Sucks that you Americans don't know about this show, it's the funniest show for years.
  10. What is google box?
  11. Best. Show. Ever.

    The premise sounds awful, but it's comedy gold.

    It's cameras set up in peoples living rooms filming their comments and reactions to TV shows. Then they turn that into a TV show. It's amazing.
  12. Really huh??
    So they can talk good or bad about ANY show on tv?
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    Ooh a whole episode, look look fatty lola:

  14. Yeah. It's great seeing what people say, it's always the same families so you know which ones are hilarious and you fall in love with them. The caribbean women and the posh drunken couple are awwwwwwesome
  15. 'you take forever getting ready you do. Dying your hair, dying your arsehole. I just do me teeth'

    Gay couple :lol:
  16. I'm trying to picture this in my head.... Send me a link dory, maybe YouTube? Hard to understand show
  17. I can't stop watching it :lol: I'm on like hour 3 of random episodes.
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  19. :lol:

    Gay couple again: 'What that guy needs is a good blowjob, a good fuck and then he'll pack this nintendo bollocks up' :lol:

    Okay I'm done.
  20. The shop we build the racecar in is from the 60s. There is an ashtray built into the wall above the men's urinals.