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Food TV shows that you may not be watching but should be

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. when he was going to get the leg extensions
  2. Finished up Breaking Bad. Lame ending. Lame 5th season. Still want to know where Walt got know-how to build a bomb and remote controlled gun turret.
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    breaking bad remade in spanish

  4. Forgot about Teen Mom 2! Dl'ing the 5th season episodes now. :fly:
  5. I haven't watched season 5 yet...
    I never have time to set this shit up but I'm dying to watch these baby makers make mistakes after mistakes
  6. Lol that's me, too. (watching the train wrecks)
    Wait... I think I missed season 4, too! That was def on when I really didn't have time to watch all the shit I'd DVR.

  7. You should tune in to the My Gypsy Wedding, or whatever it's called, if you like watching train's freaking weird.
  8. Noted!
  9. This is amazing.

    If Disney did Game of Thrones.





  10. Shitload of HBO programming is now in amazon streaming if you have a prime account.
  11. Yep. A bunch of good older stuff. Nothing recent. Now I can catch up on all my old shows.
  12. I could probably figure it out from the internet and I'm not a genius...
  13. I finished up season 5 last night! Get yo ass watching!!
  14. I have to set up my American Netflix since it kicked me out cuz I'm Canadian lol.
    But I'm dyiiiiing to watch it.

    How do u feel about janelles new BF Nathan??
  15. Just dl the torrents. I get them from kickasstorrents. Freaking love that site!

    Nathan is kinda crazytime, too. He's had a head injury and has PTSD from his Marine time... Or something... SO, he has his "problems", too. He says really mean stuff when they argue. Overall, he's clean, at least so Jenelle won't be shooting up heroin with him. :fly:
    She's 8 mos preggo by him!
  16. I have never done the torrent thing I don't even know where to start with that. You will have to guide me.... Like literally step by step.

    Yeah I know Jenelle is knocked up.. I follow that mess on twitter and often argue with her.
    The twitterverse refers to Nathan as Gaythan or Mongo.
    It's too funny
  17. True Detective is really good...
  18. K, getting ready to go to the shops, (pics may be incoming *wink*) so I will PM you later will instructions. It's pretty darned simple. Just don't dl movies & music, cuz supposedly that's what people get *looked at* for. TV shows - No one cares.

    And Yesssss, Gaythan is pretty metrosexual... He's a pretty boy that's beefed up, and wears Lotsa pastels. :fly:
    Besides his beefiness, he acts more like a bitch than a man. :lol: