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Food TV shows that you may not be watching but should be

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Shit, she's killed twice before. Once on accident, once in anger. And now, once for vengeance. I'm not too surprised that she's starting to take some perverse enjoyment out of it.
  2. Depends. She has been scared of getting killed since Sean Bean did his thing. Now she finally got her revenge against one of the guys that has been tormenting her and her friends.
    I didn't see it so much as enjoyment (although there was that) but more as personal vindication that she is on the right track to avenging her family
  3. Whoo! Look at you go!
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  5. There wasn't a single laugh to be found in the entire show.

    They hit every single geek stereotype, every single thing we of the internet would expect to see in a show like this, and just didn't pull it off.
  6. Maybe this one will do it better. AMC. Being filmed in my neighborhood, of course. :p
  7. But all of those stereotypes are true. Every time I'm at my main office everyone there is exactly like that show.
  8. Granted, but that doesn't make them funny.
  9. It does if you have a reference to them. Like I said it's like watching Portlandia. If you don't know what they are referencing then it makes zero sense and isn't funny but if you do know then it's fantastic.
  10. yep. those geeky stereotypes are 'funny' when you're in High School trying desperately not to be geeky. I'd bet the target market has slightly higher expectations.
  11. I know all the references. It's no different than when i was working in IT startups in Denver back during the Web 1.0 days...
  12. Continuum anyone? Season 3 is airing now in Canada. Just started on SyFy here I think too.
  13. Watched about 3/4 of season one, then lost interest.
  14. hmmmkay
  15. carls gonna shoot daryl in the face one of these days and rule the fucking planet.

  16. Neato. Mike Rowe is going to do a show on CNN.