FYI Tuesday night 5/24 - Live set on 88.5FM


Are you wanting making fuck berserker?
I'm playing Tuesday from 11pm-1am EST on 88.5 FM in Tampa if anyone's interested.

For those of you not in Tampa, you can use to listen live.

I'm going to do an hour of indie dance and sort of funky vocal type stuff then an hour of either high energy or prog and minimal; I haven't' decided yet.

I hope some of you can tune in.


Are you wanting making fuck berserker?
are you alternating saturdays with Mega @ Lobby?
I was going to do the last Friday of the month with David, but something happened and he quit. I invited him to play with me tonight to promote so I'll find out what the deal is later on. He's a really nice dude so they must have really pricked him over.


Morning Boehner
Oct 16, 2006
kansas city
ok, switched to bulls 2, now its like foreign metal. trollhammerdon sounding stuff. i kind of like it. except now it switched to like the exact opposite... terrible flow there. sounds like enya or something.

the first stream is playing some techno with a foreign chick singing.... not a fan of the singing, the music is decent though.

anyways, wish i would've saw this an hour ago so i could've listened longer. good luck with this stuff shawn.