Traffic Aid or Govt Sanctioned Extortion?

Mean Mr. Mustard

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Sep 30, 2004
So theres a new ordinance in Houston, that if your car breaks down (for whatever reason) on the freeway, the city will tow it at YOUR expense, wether you want it towed or not.
Read about itHERE
It costs $75 for the first 5 miles of towing then a buck fiddy for every mile after that , oh and they give you a "grace period" of exactly 6 minutes to get your car off the shoulder before they can tow it.

This all sounds like nothing more than a revenue generator to me, but the mayor is disguising it as a way to help congestion. The last time I checked, a car on the shoulder wasnt capable of causing a traffic jam. And NOW theyre ticketing people for refusing the tow, even if you already have your own towing service (like AAA).

Traffic aid or govt sanctioned extortion?
wow. that's retarded if they give that little time and force them to use contracted towers.
that's sounds like something to me AAA's lawyers will fight, especially when it starts taking business away
Ah democracy at its best... leaders who are, voted in with the sole purpose of looking after the people, trying to screw those very people just to get a head in life themselves.
bast_imret said:
car on the shoulder causes traffic jams due to idiots rubbernecking.
now people can rubberneck the fist fights on the side of the road between car owners and government towing
Retarted. What if you get in an accident and pull over, cops don't get there within 6min so they will tow the cars from the scene?