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tough decisions

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by PinkysAvenger, Oct 23, 2004.

  1. tonight is game 1 of the world series. i would like to watch it.

    i would also like to get drunk while watching it.

    i also would like to see the rocky horror picture show at midnight in harvard square. i would prefer to be really drunk for this.

    my only friend that goes to school in boston has some paper to do and dosent want to go out.

    i have another friend in dartmouth (equal distance opposite direction) who says i can go to her place and watch. but that would mean that either i couldnt see rocky horror or i would have to leave before the game is over and see rocky horror sober.

    or i could feasibly go into boston alone, find some bar around harvard square, get drunk while watching the game with a bunch of people i dont know for several hours and then go to the movie.

    so what should i do? how should i arrange my night?
  2. Just let the beer guide you.
  3. Get drunk, drive to dartmouth, bang the chick while watching the world series, drink more, drive drunk to rocky horror, bang a sweet transvestitie, and pass out in your car.
  4. but i have a girlfriend
  5. I know. I cleared all that with her already.

  6. Watch the game and don't get drunk becuase it is not every year that the Soxs get into the WS. I have very fond memories of my Red Sox WS match against the Big Red Machine. At the time my father was a battlion commander at what used to be Fort Ord CA. Becuase of this I was able to watch Fish hit his historic game 6th home run.
  7. but i dont want my memories of it to be of me sitting in my basement either
  8. I didn't say you had to be in you basement. Just go to a local bar. Drink for the taste and not for the drunk.
  9. i want to get drunk more for the rocky horror experience
  10. If they go past midnight which would you rather see the Soxs or the RHPS?
  11. thats my big question


    if they're up like, 15-1 and its the 8th, sure, i'll go to rocky horror

    if its still REALLY close, i might not go to rocky horror. but it IS only game 1...
  12. If you would rather see the RHPS over the Soxs in a WS for any reason then IMHO you can't be much of a Red Soxs fan.
  13. im not HARDCORE

    but im a fan
  14. Couldn't one or more of those problems be solved with a VCR?

    I must admit that I got tired of reading after a few lines and just started typing this, though.
  15. I dunno if I even want to watch .:o