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Thread Top Gear ver. usa

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Mustard Dispenser, Dec 8, 2010.

  1. I had no idea they were making an americanized (ugh) version of Top Gear.
    I saw the 1st 3 episodes of it on the history channel last night.
    Seems like they went to great lengths to keep the show exactly like the eruo version. They have the Stig , celebs driving a crappy car around a track, and most of the other silly nonsense that goes on.

    My only complaint so far is the hosts. The 3 guys dont seem to have any real chemistry together. All their banter and barbs at eachother seem scripted. Maybe theyll get better as it goes along.

    Also, in the 3 episodes I saw, they LOVED every car they tried. :wtf:
    I hope theyre not too chicken-shit to just totally trash a car if it deserves it. Brutal honesty is one of the key elements to the original show and leaving that out will ruin the show.

    Anyone else seen it? Thoughts?
  2. Chim and I saw the first episode and it was SO SLOW. Seriously we watched the Russian Top Gear, the Aussie Top Gear, even Fifth Gear and all of them were better than the US version. The stories were too long, the speaking was too slow, the camera work was meh (arguably better than the other Top Gears, but nowhere near as good as the award-winning original UK series). and I agree the presenters had no chemistry. I could not imagine them hanging out at a pub after a shoot to shoot the shit or go to each other's houses for dinner on some random Tuesday night like I could with the UK guys.

    And of course they are too chicken shit to actually rip on a car. They get their sponsoring from GM, of course they won't rip the Corvette.

    And with all of the TG derivatives, I had the concept of The Stig. It was a UK thing, it should remain a UK thing. Having a Stig elsewhere is like mixing oil and water.
  3. They should have used the 'American Stig' from that one ep of the UK version.
  4. And for a 'reasonably priced' car, they should've gotten something like a Pinto or old 4 cylinder Mustang.

    I caught the interview with Buzz Aldrin, and the host was so wooden, Aldrin looked uncomfortable and bored.

  5. I agree.
    I :heart: Buzz and hes a good story teller if the interviewer can put him at ease.
  6. wtf is top gear?
  7. Part of the problem I think is that these guys are too young.

    I hate to say it, but Adam Corolla probably would've done a better job.

  8. I wasnt aware of this
    Unless theyre willing to shit in the glovebox of a sucky car this shows going nowhere
  9. dont make me google thiiiiiiiiiis

    wtf is top gear!?!?
  10. refuse to watch. if they couldn't even make the it look good in the commercials they're in serious trouble.
  11. UK car show that they made a shitty american version of
  12. A car show started in the 60's in the UK that after a reinvention in 2001 became one of the most watched TV shows of all time globally, one of the most pirated TV shows of all time globally, and is beyond epic, winning awards for acting and photography every year.
  13. Actually the commercials made it look better than it was.

    I would much rather have had Jay Leno + Adam Carolla + Ken Brock drinking beer and shooting the shit in Jay's garage with some decent photographers instead of what they have.
  14. Agreed. The amount of shit TG UK spewed on British car makers was/is epic. Some say TG was the reason for Rover's demise.
  15. Rover killed themselves.
  16. Wrong quoting, but I am sure making them the butt of all jokes and never having anything positive to say about the automaker with almost a billion viewers probably didn't help matters.
  17. They do that with a lot of manufacturers

    Rover just made either really shitty or expensive cars.
  18. This.

    It's theoretically a "car show" but is basically an excuse for three guys (one a loudmouth, the second the housewives' favourite, and the third a bumbling idiot everyman) never to grow up and to travel around the world trying out the most ridiculous/amazing stunts i.e. 'driving' across the English channel, across the African desert, and have a race between a car and other transport (i.e. plane/bus) from London to Switzerland. Plus they get a celebrity (often quite big Hollywood stars) on each week and get them to do a lap around the race circuit. Plus they have an extraterrestrial being known only as The Stig who does test laps of the cars they are reviewing each week.

    In summary, it's a pretty awesome show. I haven't seen the US version but I can't see how it could possibly compare.
  19. It's getting better.

    Don't forget that the UK version has been going on for years now, so of course they have chemistry.
  20. It's Ken Block.

    And Jay Leno is a weanie.