Ouch! :eek:

"We have no descriptions of the women, being that (the victim) is not cooperating with the police," police spokesman Sgt. Mike Wilson said. "And there's little we can do to urge cooperation." :lol:
NMEs Boob Warmer said:
The ladies must have misheard "go get me a beer bitch" for "Please stuff these salad tongs up my ass".
Happens all the time.

But that's what "go get me a beer bitch" means, isn't it?
ChikkenNoodul said:
One time I said "I said make it a rare steak wench" and woke up tied to a tree in Zimbabwe, naked and covered in honey
One time I said, "You are the best wife in the world, and I bow before your might and beauty," and wound up lashed to a gator in the Florida Everglades.
NMEs Boob Warmer said:
You can talk at them all day long and they dont hear a thing.
But squeak a little fart off acrossed the house and theyre all "I HEARD THAT!!!"

I hate that too- or after I've exhausted all of my bullshit for the day and don't have anything left to say, THEN she wants me to come talk and spend time with her. :(

Something tells me there's nothing squeaky or little about your farts man. Not sure why that is either. :lol:
I can't even imagine how huge the headlines would be if the genders were reversed in this scenario...
ChikkenNoodul said:
Quite true, because it's a guy it's a 'funny' piece, if it was a woman the ATF would've been called in to burn the perpetrator's house down.

And I would be asking for pics of the woman. :drool: