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FYI This thread can help lower your cholesterol*

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Mortlach, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. Next thing that pisses me off: how everything you buy is suddenly labeled "green", despite the fact nothing's actually changed.
  2. sonofabitch! the new tops to the water bottles. same price, considerably less plastic top. 'oh, it's better for the environment.' FUCK YOU H2O GUY! It's better for your bottom line.
  3. a classic example of the above is the "child safety windows" in cars. They were making cars smaller, the rear door was redesigned to go up over the rear wheel, and suddenly there's no room for the window to go all the way down. Uhhhh, let's call 'em Child Safety Windows!
  4. Never heard the term "child safety window" before
  5. Ya, to prevent kids from wandering out the window.
  6. I know right....that is sooo annoying.
  7. back to the 'healthy' crap. It's like getting 7 grain bread. You THINK you're doing something good, but have completely forgotten that your Wonder bread is made with one grain already, and it's not helping that cottage cheese on your thighs. So, yeah! 7 grains must be better. At Panera, you can even get 9 grain!!!! The problem is with how fine the grain is ground down. The reason it's bad for you is because the grain is so processed, your body doesn't have to work at all to use it & ends up breaking it down and absorbing it really fast. It doesn't matter how 'many' grains are in it, it's how processed the grain is. What you want is "Whole Grain Bread." go get that and then pat yourself on the back.
  8. I dont think you science. At all.
  9. dude. You're buying water. The most plentiful substance on earth. You can get it for free, anywhere. Except africa. But you're not there.

    Everything you're paying is pure profit for them. And theyre laughing at you. So am I.

  10. So what you're saying is that you're the only one not laughing when I refill my waterbottle up at the sink?
  11. I think he's the only one laughing when you fill up from the sink.

    He knows what was touching the faucet before your water came out of it.
  12. Also, thats not a sink.
  13. I respect that...people act as if its beneath them and the water tastes bad...get off your high horse, its water, its free and its one of the perks of being in a modern country so why pass it up?
  14. I'll drink straight from a hose.

    Take that as you will.
  15. Seconded
  16. which hose we talkin about here? :hi2u:
  17. Come to Tampa
  18. The small one
  19. Penis. She's talking about penis.
  20. :hi2u: