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FYI This thread can help lower your cholesterol*

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Mortlach, Jan 29, 2013.

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    I'm going to disagree. At least not my docs. The vast majority of decent docs have associations they go to and are members of. They are affiliated with a few hospitals and are friends with the docs with the same specialty in the same area. They exchange vast amounts of info regularly, like, "yeah, the drug reps are pushing this heartburn med anyone have any results?" Just like we're all exchanging info on here, they have far better and more informed resources than a cute drug rep. If you really think your doc is just pushing the most recent fix you need to change docs.
  2. OMG. Just recently I started looking at the amount of sodium, sweetners, & fat on everything I buy at the store. HOLY SHIT. Go look at the fat content of a honeybun the next time you're at the gas station or drug store.
  3. I just ate at burger king and now I feel totally gross
  4. Yep. Tastes sooooo good going down tho. Fuck I haven't had Burger King in FOREVER. waaaaaaaant
  5. Im gonna take such a shit later
  6. they are tasty because there are chemicals in them to make them tasty. it's the unnaturalness of them that i don't like, not the taste
  7. lol. Because Orange and Grape soda tastes like, a chemical set that has no resemblance to either fruit!
  8. and WTF is mountain dew supposed to be... whatever it is, damn good
  9. sweat from dolly partons cleavage?
  10. they found john denver's body there... the decomp was not pretty
  11. I'm with you on the baconator but I just can't enjoy boxed mac-n-cheese. For the most part, none of that stuff tastes good to me. My mom always made it growing up, but I can't stomach it now.

    It saddens me that we as a society have to make the distinction of being able to afford quality foods. It's always been this way though.
  12. Amazing, right? A honey bun is like 800 calories.
    2 hours after I eat anything from BK it's like clockwork. #poopstunts
    :drool: grape soda is awesome.
  13. Same. I'm not a believer in the Magic Pill answer. The body is amazingly resilient.
  14. my name is Mort and I love powdered cheese.... fuck the boxes, this is what it's my house, we have the cheddar and alfredo...not bad at all

  15. There is a preservative in Mountain Dew that is shown to do mitochondrial damage to your DNA...

    Sodium benzoate- A preservative found in many soft drinks that has theability to deactivate parts of DNA and eventually cause diseases such asParkinson's and cirrhosis of the liver. Peter Piper, a professor of molecularbiology and biotechnology at Sheffield University, after studying it for 8 years found that the preservative seriously damages living cells. Sodium benzoatewas found to damage the mitochondria of the cells. These organelles are your "power houses". They give the cell (and you) energy. Mitochondria consume oxygen for energy and if you damage these, diseases will set in.
  16. My grandparents use that stuff. Revolting.

    Edit: I just puked a little
  17. did professor peter piper pick parkinson's? or did peter piper's preservative produce parkinsonian pathology?
  18. They don't put sodium benzoate in pickled peppers. That's all i know.
  19. I totally trust Peter Piper :lol:
  20. disagree all you want...that's what we're here for! (well, to discuss...not have a cock contest.) :fly:

    i was generalizing (i HOPE)...and i hope you're WAY more correct than i am!! i'm not claiming to know all that docs do and don't know...but the bigger thought i failed to effectively get across was the amount of information and the overwhelming number of drugs out there. it seems drugs are made, tested for half an hour or so, passed to the public, and THEN we see the (bad) results of a drug. a mass lawsuit gets vomited out to the population, but the company doesn't worry about it...for in the time between drug release and negative results, they've pumped out three more drugs and made thrice as much money. they settle out of court and continue on, or go matter. people have made their stashes.

    i don't see HOW docs can keep up with all the information (and CHANGING information, at that) that is out there...compared to 50-100 years ago, you know? (eggs are what this week...good or bad for you? it's changed so many times!)

    i'm not even going to pretend that i know a lot about any subject...but it makes me very nervous when six degrees of kevin bacon all point back to, well, the bacon. greed controls everything at the end of the day, and that is very disturbing.

    (by the by...i'd like to think i trust my docs ok enough...but 100%? no way. i do consistent research on as much as i can and (etiquettely) challenge the docs to know as much as i can before any drug is given to anyone in my family. and even if they're as honest as they can be...a drug that's not "old" yet is not too reliable to me. course, at the end of the day, NO amount of information will ever be ALL the anxiety still rules my ease! (and yes, there's a pill for that.) :fly: