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FYI This thread can help lower your cholesterol*

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Mortlach, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. they should know better, a lot better and if not, find a different one
  2. a sponge would only absorb what would still be in the GI tract so this would only work if you are absorbing cholesterol with the cereal or within an hour or two

    fiber in general is good for you but this claim seems a bit much
  3. Unless you install sponges in your arteries to absorb blood cholesterol too.
  4. I want to be a drug rep. Get paid to take dr's to fancy restaurants and smooze them? Sign me up.

  5. there's one that comes in once a week and brings me a few rolls of sushi... I like her
  6. I could do this. BRB changing careers.
  7. I'm sure you could..not sure what you do, but sales reps unfortunately get laid off left and right, some really good ones stick around or are easily picked up by rival drug companies but when $ drops, they are the first to get axed
  8. Speaking of cholesterol. Mine was about 180+ roughly seven months ago, a month ago it was 115ish.
    No change in anything... WTF?

    Source: blood donation testing.

  9. that's just the total, what were the specifics? trigs, ldl, hdl? no change in anything fiet or excercise related?
  10. Not sure they give anything but the totals. But yeah only change in diet was a little less than two weeks from the test.
  11. ok, one thing that skews lipid tests is food heavy in surgar, carbs or fat within 8 hours before the test.... did you have any before the first?
  12. Likely.
  13. Did 3 donations though and middle was pretty much square between them showing a progression.
    Doesnt really mean anything if the results are skewed
  14. yep

    other false advertising...

    your sedan looks like every other sedan, so while you can show a commercial where everybody is gawking and staring at your sedan in a see of others as it is so freakin special is a giant load

    oh and this just came to mind, back to pharm stuff.... major companies will often advertise "Advil is clinically proven.... and don't settle for imitations as you never know what you are getting" the last part is a flat out lie, you do know, and it is closely regulated, ibuprofen in generic is ibuprofen in advil.... in fact if there is a deviation of more than 10% (I think it's 10 though could be 15) it would be illegal to sell according to the FDA
  15. The only thing worse than the shit that food companies claim is the "OMG CONSPIRACY TOXIC FOOD" shit that people come up with to create a fake scandal around those food companies. Got a gem this morning claiming that aspartame used to be a pesticide made by the evil Monsato until they figured out it tasted sweet and started sweetening food with it...

    And makeup/skin care commercials are the most evil of all of them as far as bullshit claims, but people swallow that shit up.

  16. I agree about the food ones.... every "chemical" that has ever touched food gives you cancer. When I tell patients that freak out that food is made of chemicals.. " no, it's natural" "natural and chemical are not opposites"

    oh law suit commercials... these lawyers should be killed, shot, hanged, don't care but they make sooo many people scared to take the medication that is actually to their benefit solely because it is listed in some dick ass class action suit
  17. "Snake venom is natural, so it's good for you, right?" tends to shut those people up.

    I'm going to open a weight loss clinic, where I give my customers ebola. All natural, guaranteed effectiveness..
  18. We can pretty much assume its profitable, otherwise they wouldn't do it...
  19. What's been explained to me is that they just don't have the time to read through trials and reports on every drug, which is understandable. Especially docs in fields like family medicine. I obviously don't know personally though. Do you read all that stuff for all the drugs you prescribe?
  20. I know I've never read any of that shit for the drugs I've taken but I expect my dealer to know what he's selling me.