FYI This song is dedicated to, well, you know

Syrup Beaver

pants log
Sep 30, 2004
beneath the soiled underbelly of the 'nev
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There's a lady who's sure, all that's fit f'er is mould
And she's diiiiiving in to a green dumpster
Then she slips round the back, when the shops are all black
Watch your step, I think that's a full diaper
Ewwwwww ewwwwwwwwww, and she's diiiiving into a green dumpster

There's some meat in a sack, that's quite far from pure
'course it's fine so long as it's not moving
In a box by the back, there's a cheese pie with figs
And a mound of shrimp, at least a dozen
Ooooooh and she will plunder
Ooooohhh wish I had a blender

Orange peelings are best when left as a nest
For the rats that share in my fine dining
For a moment I saw packs of smokes but was naught
And the rats oh they laughed at my dismay
Ooooh and she will plunder
Oooooooh is that a chicken tender?

Joyful Chinese voices loom accross the glo-oom
Looks like someone must have left the fleas in
That furry leftover plate of cat foo yung
If not food at least it'll make a sweater

If there's a rustle in the dumpster, don't be alarmed now
It's just a quite green fried pork dumpling
Yes there are two pints of paella, but you'll have the runs
There's a pair of orange soiled drawers's a chicken tender

Your friends are slumming at the diner eating fried egg yolk
While you're sifting through rice in the bin
Hey lady, that rice shouldn't have some eyes don't you know
It's a good thing mould has penicillin

Do you see that big bin out back
Filled with offal and kebab scrap
There dines a lady we all know
Who wears the hand stitched natural clothes
Where blue beef is as good as gold

And should you look at her askance
She'll glug the gin and point to laugh
Because you're surely missing out
On some perfect maggot trou-out

And she's diiiiviiing in to a green dumpster

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