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This place sure slows down without Chikken.

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by fly, Oct 11, 2004.

  1. you guys suck.
  2. where is he, anyway?
  3. Hay Ive been logged in here all day
    I cant keep up the pace all by myself you wangs
  4. out having his sphincter waxed
  5. Old age getting to you?
  6. fly sucks, long live theacoustician
  7. no
    no one else is posting
    I guess I could just reply to myself all day long
  8. No way d00d that would get boring
  9. I dont care enough to name rape you.
  10. Ya but at least Id have someone to talk to.
    Can I touch your wang?
  11. Just reply to the voices dude, the voices.
  12. Not right now.
    Lets wait untill we get home.
  13. How is bane doing, btw?

    Oh, and suck a duck, fuck.
  14. ok.
    Sounds liek a plans.
    Should we let the gimp out of the closet tonight?
  15. No the fucker bit me last night:mad:
  16. See, I told you we shoulda pulled his fuckin teeth out.
    Then we could make a necklace out of them
  17. Steve is at my house. :shifty:
  18. He wouldn't take his medicine this morning that stubborn fucker.

  19. fucking arts n crafts faggot:rolleyes:
  20. GET HIM OUT OF THE CAGE BISH!!! :mad: :april: