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I hope so Floptical...but, then, maybe the big guy doesn't like me. Could be. I have that effect on people...<sigh>
Drool-Boy said:
Why the hell do you end every sentence with "LOL"? ought to read you guys stoned...course, I write funnier stoned, too, and it cracks me up!!! LO....oh, I'll stop....:D :mad:
wonko80 said:
"It's okay to feel hate. People suck."

-some comedian I can't remember. Also had some other life affirming quotes.

I agree wonko80. Some people do. I was on a forum where all they did was attack and I'm talking vicious, reveal TOS secrets of people...and that was just the admin.

I decided a while back that life was really short to deal with deliberately cruel and mean I just look and laugh and move on...when you think of the ass these hateful people make of themselves, well, why not laugh?

I'm basically a happy person...that's why I like to laugh and kid...but mostly debate...and I really wanna do that here...I will continue with the LOL if I think something is funny or if I am laughing at my own stupidity...unless you want that I should stop....
eileenbunny said:
I read this forum stoned all the time. I'm used to most of the jokes though. I'm glad you laugh. I guess some people here just get tired of the LOL and post the laughing smiley --> :lol: instead. Same thing really.

Ah, yeah...sure...what was I thinking?:fly:
Floptical said:
So is she gonna be let out or what

GREAT question...wanna debate it? You be what, affirmative? Who will be negative?

Or we could have a trial...Judge....two attorneys, one defends my release, the other fights to keep me in...witnesses....jurors....

What the heck?