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What Was I Thinking? said:
40 miles NE of Indianapolis. Lived in Indy for 9 was great...but got a bit too rough so we moved to a smaller town. But it's a great little big city!!!

Tampa is big city along the coast is what I've heard.

Howdy neighbor (Columbus, OH)
wonko80 said:
I have nothing to add to this thread.

oh wait... so if you're a hippy, exactly how much sex did you have in the 60's and 70's?

You know the trillion used to could the debt? I was the first to reach that number...LOL!!!
April23 said:
It's not really that big :hs: I have grandparents that used to live in Zionsville outside of Indy, is why I ask.

Zionsville has sure grown up. That whole northside of Indy is practically one city anymore.
Floptical said:
And welcome to our little dysfunctional hideout....

Like it here so guys will keep me sharp...well, I don't know if I can to sharp from 55....but I won't be as dull....well, no, that may not be true either....IF I am invited to stay...I'll most definitely enjoy!!!

Yeah, that's the ticket....SNL circa 1980 something....LOL!!! babies..I'm surrounded by babies...LOL!!!
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