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BC is famous for it's strong bud, however i can't smoke it or i'll have a seizure. As such, i won't be smoking any down here either.
a/s/l/pics? let's get that out of the way.

He said he's the great tiger, you should know who he is but in case not here...


Oh, and dude, that ruby on your head totally gives you away, you should ditch the towel and throw less gay punches.
You know this from experience? If so, describe having a seizure.
Yep, I know this from experience. People who normally have seizures without drug induced aid typically don't remember having the seizure when it's over. I on the other hand, had it all go differently.
I started out just like anyone else. Share a joint with a bunch of friends, got high and had a good time. Over the course of a year, I didn't get high anymore. I'd smoke it and start getting paranoid. Not halucinating or anything just paranoid. One day i just started having minor lack of control over my movements. It's kinda of hard thing to describe being coherent and having your body move on its own. At that time is wasn't major, but after the next couple of times I had a real bad one. Luckily i was at home at the time and living with my wife, cuase she called an ambulance. I felt like my nervous systems was on fire. My movements were quick and erratic and my chest felt immensely tight. I seriously felt like i was going to die and was pretty scared. It's scary when your body is moving and your mind isn't the one telling it to.
The ambulance came and strapped me to the stretcher in case my comvulsions turned real ugly. I'm not sure what happened on the way to the hospital but i awoke about 8 hours later.
My wife was sitting beside me and said I was put to sleep. Even asleep i had convulsions. The doctors were monitoring my heart and she said it would beat real fast for a couple minutes and then beat so slow they thought it would stop. Then the doctors came in. They said i would be alright but advised not to smoke it ever again or i very could possibly die next time. Instead of making me happy, it was attacking my nervous system. Apparently i'm not the only person this has happened to. They said they've had other cases just like mine.
So since that night i've never touched it again. Any time i'm near people smoking it and breathe just what's in the ambient air I can actually still feel it a little. As you can probably understand, I tend not to make friends with those that smoke it all the time.
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I'm in Tyler, east of Dallas/Fort Worth. I can't believe how cheap everything is here. Like 65% cheaper. Everytime i hear someone here complain how expensive something is i'm like "where i'm from, gas is $4 a gallon, smoke are $10 a pack, and a 500sq condo starts at 250k."
Their response most of the time: "... daaaaamn...."

Yeah, I know where Tyler is. I'm from Texas.