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This is a serious question, not an asshole one.

Do people like you who obviously IM/text message a lot (given your lack of capitilization, punctuation, and use of the ellipsis) use different forms of typing when in professional settings?

I've found that some of my wife's students (high schoolers) will email her as though it is a text message. It does not come accross well and causes her (and me) to not respect the student as much.

Thoughts from you and anyone else?

Also, do you recognize that it is harder to read paragraphs typed it such a manner, or have you gotten used to it and can read it the same?

I use correct grammar and punctuation in professional settings such a writing an essay or a news story etc... but i find it much quicker and effective to type the way i do in forums and im. but if i were to email a teacher i would make my best effort to correct all mistakes.

i dont think its harder to read a "professional setting" paragraph than it is to read "1337 5P3AK" iv pretty much gotten used to it all.
I post, IM, email, and text all with the same grammar, punctuation, and whatnot.

Same here, although I'll forego punctuation on text messaging when I can... so I tend to not use contractions because it's too much of a pain to find the apostrophe. hehehe
Eh, probably harmless so go for the releasey.

I still think you should make it 4-5 DAYS like it used to be.