[Front Page] This is your MMS thread now!


Osharts 11
Oct 1, 2004

1. Add [email protected] to your phone contacts. Using your text messaging app, MMS the picture in.
2. Using the same email address that you have on file with the forum, send in a picture (as an attachment, this is important).

The picture(s) will be posted within about a minute of being received by Gmail. However, I've no idea how long it will take to get to Gmail.

If you seem to be having problems, try the following before bothering to me:
* If you're using email, make sure its the same address that you're using here at the forum. If not, your email will be ignored.
* If you're using MMS, send the pic to your own email. Do you get it? If not, it's possible that the picture is too big. Either resize it or use the email feature.
* If you're using MMS, and you received your own test message, make sure you're spelling the address properly. If you are, I might not have your cell provider on the approved list. Please post in this thread who your provider is.