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Oct 1, 2004

Reposted from OT cause I found it disgustingly funny...

Tom Delay followed the orderly through the halls of the hospice. He was more than a little nervous at the idea of meeting Terri: hospitals made him a bit egdy. Nevertheless, he believed this to be a big item for his constituents, and he marched proudly to see this wonderful dying woman.
Eventually they reached the room and he asked the orderly to leave him alone with her for some 'personal prayer time.' The orderly obliged and left him there. Tom noticed that the lights were somewhat dim. Why not, he thought. It's not like this vegetable will need them. Tired after a long day with some of the fundamentalists outside the hospice he threw himself into a chair and began to think the situation over. He knew he'd already won big points with the religious crowd, but he hoped to find a way to score even bigger. Leaving the hospice and claiming that Terri had spoken to him through prayer was one idea that came to mind, but he immediately dismissed it as a little too outlandish. He needed something simple.

Heh, she's certainly livelier than my wife is, he thought to himself bitterly. He cast his eyes over at the faintly stirring Terri, who was staring at the ceiling with those lovely dark eyes and drooling quietly to herself. I have to admit, she was a beautiful woman once. But now she's just old. Terri here, though... the lack of intelligence notwithstanding, she has a simple charm to her. A simple charm that a down home Texan like myself might appreciate.

Tom quietly chastised himself for such thoughts. Granted, he may have become bitter after years of loveless marriage, and the semi-private hospital room did afford him some freedom to exercise thoughts that might otherwise accidentally slip out in public... but. But what? Tom took a moment to wrestle with his conscience. Lord, I know this to be wrong, but....

'It's a crying shame that such a lovely young lady might suffer such a painful death without a few final... comforts,' he said to himself, slightly surprised that he'd managed to work up the courage to entertain the notion. Still, was it not his duty as a good Christian to ease the suffering of this woman? He was, after all, only trying to elicit some sort of response. She would not respond as much as some women would, but then, Tom liked them that way. 'I suppose, my dear, that your last worldly affair might save me some rohypnol.'

Tom stood and checked to be sure that the door was closed and latched before he unbuckled his belt as quietly as possible... not an easy task with the giant buckle he had that complied with all Texas rules and regulations for belt buckle sizes. Without letting his pants slip he moved to sit beside her on the bed. Terri still didn't respond. Tom tentatively reached out a hand to fondle her breasts through the flimsy hospital gown, immediately feeling his member stiffen as he did so. He gently found her nipples through the gown and pinched them, though he got no response from her. Good...

He slowly removed what he could of the gown, though he was too busy keeping his pants on to do a proper job of turning her over to remove the whole thing. Instead he managed to get most of the front of her uncovered and let his hands wander and explore her, pausing a moment as he came across the hole where her feeding tube was missing. Idle thoughts flitted through his mind as he fingered it, but they fled and he continued his searching, until he found her surprisingly neatly trimmed bush.

As he gently tickled her glorious labia he found it impossible to resist rubbing himself through his clothes. All the while he was watching her face intently, hoping for some sign of life. But not too much life, he cautioned himself. Persistently vegetative women tell no tales.... Fortunately she was still contentedly drooling... from both sets of lips! He brought his fingers to his nose and took a good whiff of the acrid goodness thereupon.

Suddenly he heard a few sets of footsteps outside! With all the quickness he could muster he re-buckled his belt and tried to rearrange Terri's gown to hide their activities. He quickly knelt at the bedside and pretended to pray as the door opened. Mary Schindler, Terri's mother, stepped in, leading a small girl behind her. 'Hello Tom,' she said quietly. 'This is little Elizabeth, she's the daughter of one of our church friends and she wanted to meet Terri. I have to go attend to the rally, but could you handle the introduction?' With a weak smile she shoved Elizabeth into the room and closed the door behind her.

Elizabeth managed a meek 'hi' and stood staring at Terri's lifeless corpse. Did I say lifeless? I meant life-filled corpse.

Tom made a brief introduction and asked Elizabeth her name. 'I'm only 8,' she replied meekly again, as she scratched at her elbow through the sleeve of a nice church dress. 'What's wrong with her?'

'She's sick, Elizabeth. Her brain is hurting, and she needs Jesus's love to heal her.' Suddenly a wicked idea occurred to Tom. 'She needs your love too, Elizabeth.'

'My love?'

'Yes, my dear! The love of a small girl is... very special!' He quietly whispered his plan to Elizabeth, who was visibly upset at the notion.

'But... but mommy says good Christians don't touch each other there! And and and girls aren't supposed to do that to girls especially!'

'Oh Elizabeth, that's so wonderful that your mommy taught you that! But you remember how Jesus died for our sins? Well if you do this, you'll be like Jesus... you'll be sinning to save Terri, and your life will be as glorious as our savior's was.'

Elizabeth had some difficulty with the conflicting stories she had heard and began to cry, but slowly moved to Terri's bedside and began to reach under the gown. 'Will this really save Terri?' she asked between sobs.

'Oh yes, my dear, of course it will!' Tom slowly stood and unbuckled his belt again. 'You know, Elizabeth, that's a lovely dress. Why don't you take it off? We certainly wouldn't want it to get dirty.'

Elizabeth removed her dress and went back to peeking under Terri's gown, looking for the hidden treasures therein. Tom helped her remove the gown again and instructed Elizabeth to touch Terri's breasts, then to explore Terri's pussy. Terri continued to drool.

'This smells funny,' complained Elizabeth. 'Do I really have to taste it? And why are you holding your wee wee? Did you hurt it?'

'Yes, Liz, I hurt it. Get your face in there or Jesus will be sad.' Tom was busy stroking his member furiously. Terri had been attractive to him, but Elizabeth's unspoiled body, still a little chubby with baby fat, had him hornier than he had been in years. He breasts had not begin to bud yet, and her tiny pussy lips were unbearably adorable.

He instructed Liz to lay on top of Terri, but just as Elizabeth was moving to the side of the bed, Terri moaned and began to stir again. Elizabeth, though she was keen to help Terri recover, screamed, grabbed her dress, and ran from the room. Tom quickly put his dick back in his pants and put Terri's gown back, knowing that trouble would not be far behind.

As he'd predicted, it wasn't long before footsteps came pounding from down the hall. This time his visitor was Jeb Bush, who was clearly winded and sweaty as he stuck his head in. 'What the hell just happened in here?'

Tom thought fast. 'Terri began to, uh, speak, and the child, who was acting like all small children and showing me her panties... yes, that's it. She became terrified and fled!'

Jeb looked at Tom suspiciously. 'You were molesting them, weren't you Tom?'

'I most certainly was not!'

'Oh, really? That's a shame. I was thinking I'd join you...' With that, Jeb dropped his pants, revealing his enormous five inch cock. Tom, with understanding and love in his heart, removed his pants as well and reached out to give Jeb's wang a gentle tug. 'Lets give the old girl one last farewell,' suggested Jeb.

Tom moved to the head of the bed and tapped the end of his penis against Terri's forehead. She didn't seem to notice, so he slipped it into her mouth slowly. The excess drool made for the perfect lubrication and he had no difficulty sliding it deep into her throat. Fortunately she had lost her gag reflex, so he was able to fit all four inches down her throat with ease, and began to pound her face, balls slapping against her cheek.

Jeb, meanwhile, had positioned himself between her legs and was gleefully thrusting his member into her yawning vagina. As he fucked the mindless warm body, he spotted the unused feeding tube and a bag connected to the floor. 'Hey Tom,' he called, 'lets give her a stay of execution!' He quickly, and ineptly, reinserted one end of the tube into the feeding hole in her stomach, then tore open the top of the empty bag and began to pee into it. The yellow liquid quickly found its way into her stomach. 'Yeah, you like that, don't you bitch?'

Tom found himself nearing orgasm and grabbed the bag away from Jeb. 'I hear, my lovely woman, that you're unable to swallow. Lets see if we can't find a way around that.' Tom pounded his cock furiously as he aimed for the feed bag, spraying his hot cum into it and watching it dribble down into Terri's stomach. He then collapsed in post coital bliss.

Jeb, nearing climax himself, instead ripped the tube out of her stomach and inserted his cock into the hole. Although he felt the slight tingle of the stomach acid on the head of his mighty dick, he still found it pleasurable enough to continue thrusting until it erupted, spraying semen directly into her. With his energy spent, he moved across the floor to cuddle with Tom, kissing him gently, and managing to mutter an 'I love you' before he fell asleep, happier than he'd been in a long time.


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whoever wrote that needs to be a member on this forum a.s.a.p.

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