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Oct 15, 2004
Get the fuck out. Now.
guiness is the in-n-out of alcohol

edit: not even that because in n out is just overrated but it's still pretty good

guiness is only popular because when 17-19 year olds want to impress each other by not saying they drink miller lite they default to guiness and then pretend to like it despite the fact that there a fuckillion better ones out there. even my uneducated non-beer snob pallet recognizes this
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guiness IS overrated. and the stuff we get is supposed to be far inferior product to what is sold overseas
It's not, it's the same crap.

It's served quite differently though depending on the bar.

However, the Guinness they brew on St. Lucia tastes just like the Heineken they brew, and the local beer, and the local soda......