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This forum needs more...

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by smileynev, Oct 5, 2004.

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  1. ...trailer trash. How else will Dirk exercise his witty retorts if he has no worthy targets.
  2. In due time slim, in due time
  3. Tho' I might be inclined to play a fairly convincin' trailer park denizen should the need arise.
  4. Can I be your cousin, and can we get drunk and play with our huntin rifles?
  5. Shoot cuz, whal you wuz out with Urleen at th' tractor show me an' Jed wuz stuffin bottle rockets intuh rats behinds.
  6. dammit earl, we wuz gonna use dem dair rockets to shoot at dem damn mccoys down the street.
  7. Never you fret thar pardner, Lula-Mae's brother Ely has got a HOLE bunch snuck back in the wood shed.

    She sez I kin hav 'em ifn I do sumptin' 'special' fer her.
  8. less than ten replies. THREAD FAILURE!

  9. Way to dig up old shit.
  10. reviving failed old threads is comedy gold
  11. Thread needs more content.
  12. which is why it was failed to begin with. somebody lock this travesty.
  13. I'm giving another three post warning or its closed. :fly:
  14. [​IMG]



  16. So, if I have two nipples, and a bear has two nipples, do you think if we rub nipples he'll let me eat his salmon?

  17. Ahh thats so cute. Thread can stay open as long as it stays on the topic of young cute supple goats.
  18. the question is, could you suckle the bear?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.