There is a special place in hell..


fly gave me a handjob for marklar
Oct 15, 2004
i bet it's an extra hot place in hell.

i work for the gov't and our flags are at half mast today.


Four Mounties die in shootout
Thursday, March 3, 2005 Posted: 9:59 PM EST (0259 GMT)

Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin condemned the brutal killing of four officers.

CALGARY, Alberta (Reuters) -- Four Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers were shot and killed during a raid on a marijuana-growing operation in rural Alberta Thursday, in one of the bloodiest days in the history of the national police force, a senior official said.

A suspect in the shootout that erupted inside a large farm building that police were investigating also died when he turned his rifle on himself, said Bill Sweeney, commanding officer of the RCMP in Alberta.

"The loss of four officers is unprecedented in recent history in Canada. I'm told you have to go back to about 1885 in the RCMP history during the Northwest Rebellion to have a loss of this magnitude," Sweeney told reporters in the town of Mayerthorpe, about 140 km (90 miles) northwest of Edmonton.

"It's devastating."

The Mounties' names were not released. They were described as junior members of the force that has long been one of Canada's most famous national symbols.

In the late morning, the officers, armed with handguns, entered a large metal hut as part of a stakeout that began the night before when they came under fire from what police said was a man armed with a rifle.

In response, the force called in its SWAT team and major crime units and closed the airspace over the area. It requested the Edmonton city police department helicopter as well as armored personnel vehicles from Edmonton's armed forces base.

In mid-afternoon, police surrounding and stormed the building only to find the bodies of the officers and the suspect, Cpl. Wayne Oakes said.

The suspect may have entered to find the officers inside, then opened fire, Oakes said.

Police have been cracking down on illicit marijuana "grow-ops" that have sprung up across Alberta. Many of the operations targeted by the so-called police "Green Teams" are said to be connected with organized crime.

"The issue of grow-ops is not a ma-and-pa industry as we've been seeing for a number of years. These are major serious threats to our society and they are major serious threats to the men and women on the front line who have to deal with them," RCMP Commissioner Giuliano Zaccardelli said in Ottawa.

The federal government has angered police organizations and U.S. officials by planning to introduce legislation that would decriminalize marijuana possession.

It has been 120 years, during the long rebellion by Metis and Indians in western Canada, since so many national police officers have been shot and killed.

In 1963, four were killed in a plane crash in Yukon. In 1958, five died when their boat sank in Ontario.

In a statement, Prime Minister Paul Martin said: "Canadians are shocked by this brutality, and join me in condemning the violent acts that brought about these deaths."


Oct 15, 2004
ChikkenNoodul said:
I thought pot was legal there these days?
small quantities are legal for personal consumption but you still can't grow it. Also, Alberta isn't one of the provinces you can have pot either, IIRC.


Findakáno said:
Agreed but it shouldn't matter what country the police officer is from.
No, but mounties are extra special. They'll fuck you up six ways from sunday.


Erect Member
Oct 14, 2004
very sad. :(

the possession of small amount of pot for personal consumption was decriminalized. that doesn't mean it's legal, that just means that rather than facing a trial and jail time for small possession you get something similar to a traffic ticket. not 100% certain since i don't live there though. When i did and it was still criminal to possess i never saw anyone get busted for simple possession, only trafficking or large possession with intent to traffic.