The worst thing about communism...


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Oct 14, 2004
The other day I went on a 4 hour Jack Ryan bender. The Hunt for Red October was on WB33 so I gave it a watch, then watched my archival copy of The Sum of All Fears. Partway through the latter a surprising revelation was... um, revealed to me. There was a scene set up, you know, where they shoot the outside of the building before taking you inside? Yeah, there was one that had two of the characters driving in front of that big wall that surrounds red square and the kremlin and stuff.

They didn't have footage like that in The Hunt f RO. It was filmed before the fall of the Soviet Union.

So, it occurred to me that the best thing about the end of the cold war is that now spy movies are way cooler. Sweet.
The best thing about the fall of communism is the rise of the Russian mail order bride.