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The whiney/crying/bitchy/linkin park thread. v.1 (alpha)

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by fly, Oct 12, 2004.

  1. omg

    foram needs moar sandy manginas. someone invite DM. thx
  2. To the Trashcan for you!
  3. Someone say trashcan? :drool:
  4. For every five pounds of poo I eat at my local restaurant I get one pound for free!
  5. odear
    my ficus is super dusty!
  7. I got a new duster attachment for my roto-plooker
  8. This place needs to be segregated. Dudes on one side, chix and fat hermies on the other.
  9. thuper!
  10. NOW who's the nazi, eh?

  11. clonetrooper [/nerd]
  12. I got Star Wars Battlefields for the X-Box the other day
  13. Oh yars? I got it for the PC. Pretty sweet game. I played the demo on the xbox.
  14. any good?
    I was thinking of renting it
    I dont have live tho
  15. Seems to be pretty cool thus far, kinda like the third Jedi game for the PC but without the lightsabres.
  16. I found jedi academy boring
    I dont play much multiplayer stuff tho so I may not bother with BF
  17. No MP? moar bad rep for you! This IS like real life.
  18. I didn't play academy, just the one before that whatever that was.