The weather is scaring me.



it has gotten really dark outside and its thundering really loud. i'm all alone. the weather service says it might hail! :(
NeedMoreEmo said:
Im all alone til 7am and this house makes random noises. :(

why aren't you having a party?? i threw a party everytime my parents were gone.
Weather is nothing to be scared of. Thunder is awesome (I go out on the balcony when it starts :p ). And hail is cool :D
Drool-Boy said:
o yeah youre in college station
Get enough rain yet?:p
Weve had about 15" in the last week

its seriously pouring. i wish i had picked a second floor apartment. :(
April23 said:
It's been raining for days here. :mad:
Oh you poor little thing :p

It's been "raining" here too