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Movie The Walking Dead (TV show)FULL SPOILERS *If this triggers you, then pls die*

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Oct 20, 2010.

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    A preair leaked to the internet today, and of course I had to watch it. All I can say is :eek:

    This show is/is going to be fantastic.

  2. I think the fact that it's based on a well written comic book series is going to help out a lot. Story lines for the first few seasons are already written so you don't have to worry about the series losing focus.
  3. Love the comics (have them all on my PC at home) and can't wait for the show. I look forward to the prison story line.
  4. neato. that's the first I've heard of this.
  5. don't be such a fag
  6. uh-oh! with kiki gone, duke's going to turn his internet policing my way. :p
    I was joking. lighten up, francis.

    jesus dude.

    dont' tell kiki on me
  8. knight, they shot some out the scenes right outside my condo over the summer. I posted pics of the tank in the intersection in the fly thread when it happened. the trailer was posted by b_sinning in the fly thread yesterday and I commented about seeing the tank in the trailer.
  9. wait, I thought you said you were joking.
  10. that doesn't seem like joking
  11. is the repost king having a vindication moment?
  12. find out on the next OPRAH
  13. aww, I think I hurted duke's feewings
  14. I think you're a little confused.
  15. I said one thing to you and then you posted 5 times about it. you're obviously butthurt. let it go.
  16. I think youre both idiots

    And this show is going to be pure[​IMG]
  17. I think you don't quite get how to troll

    carry on Shamkiki
  18. That cuts man. That cut's deep.
  19. obviously I know pretty well. you're still talking. :lol:

  20. You know what else cuts deep?
    And theyre great for killing zombies!