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GAY The Useless Travel Thread

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Duke, Jun 4, 2015.

  1. Balls sticking out of yout jorts on the bull.

    Also, both wear a bandana like Elizabeth Dushuku from that movie.

    I WILL buy that mug. Tia.
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  2. I'm inside you Austin. Can you feel me @HipHugHer ?
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  3. You might want to tie a board to your ass.
    Just say'n.
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  4. How are YOU getting into cuba? You're not Beyoncé

    Also, I've been to Cuba like 11 times
    It's prob my fave place for beach laziness and relaxation.
    The beach is seriously the BEST I've ever been to ...

    Sent from the white knuckle grip of my Lord & Saviour, CEO
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  5. Americans are sorta allowed to go now. We're going under an education visa, so we can learn about the Cuban people!
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  6. Hai homos. Took a weekend trip up to Sacramento last weekend, was only going to be a friday evening, Saturday morning kind of thing since the gf went to take a state test. She was so flustered after the test that we went out for a beer. Then we went out for another one. Finally it was 2:30 and I decided to not drive the 6 hours home. So we went to another brewery and had more beers. Ended up driving home Sunday morning.

    In may, I'll be going with the gf to Boise for a few days to watch her graduate with her doctorate.

    Then in August I might be going to Portland for a week to visit my old high school buddy.
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  7. we dont care.
  8. Speak for yourself. Boise is captivating.
  9. Does it hurt you to be nice?
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  10. You cared enough to quote it twice...
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  11. I'd ask you what to do there, but my gf lived there for like 3 years, so... she pretty much knows what's going down.
  12. You, and a bar of soap.
    Yeah that's right.
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  13. yeah I'm retarded. I have no idea what you're talking about.
  14. Anybody travelling to bombay and willing to check in a bass for me?
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  15. Not Bombay but I'm heading to Mumbai
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  16. that's code for something dirty, isn't it?
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  17. We're headed to Miami tomorrow.
  18. In India everything is dirty
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  19. Fair point
  20. :(