the ultimate mustang?

I played Speed Racer on the way to work today with a Cobra. I had my windows down and the Cobra sure sounded pretty, but it smelled bad :lol:
Pandora said:
Great, now I need a clean pair of underwear. :(

Did you sneeze too hard again? :fly:

Yea, I still don't care what any of you guys say, slapping an automatic in that car is a gigantic fucking waste. It's like having sex with the hottest chick on the face of the earth (or guy for you ladies and db), but only being able to do it missionary style. Forever. Boooring.
elpmis said:
I beg to differ

The hardcore rich are going to buy new expensive cars that catch their eye at luxury dealerships

Someone who bids on a custom Mustang made by the Ring Brothers and Roush are car aficionados, car aficionados that are in to six figure automatics. Goddamn those people must be some weird motherfuckers