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Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by theacoustician, Oct 13, 2004.

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    Registration will be opened either later tonight or first thing tomorrow. Start thinking 'bout who you want to invite to the board. We want this thing to be a kinda word of mouth thing, so no posts on other forums about this place. Everyone knows what happens with a forum announcement posting : it's like Hurricane Moron blew through and left the forum in 6 feet of tards.

    Do : tell friends and invite them here
    Do : tell them to put who invited them into the referral box or what their other forum names are. If we know them, we'll move them to the top of the line to be admitted.

    Don't : post about it on other forums. You will be dealt with if you do.
  2. 2 questions:

    1 Should we list (here or elsewhere) who weve invited
    2 Will they only have access to the proving grounds at first, and how will n00b access work?
  3. 1. That'd be nice, but I not gonna beat you if you don't.
    2. Invitees will have full access. We don't see the point of the Proving Grounds if they're invited. It's only if they act like jackasses or are random bodies that we'll start them at the kids table.

  4. So invites get full access and the ones that wander in off the street get PG-only access?
  5. I posted a welcome article. What do you think?
  6. Let me redefine that. If its a random person, they will have full posting access. However, if its someone random and they let their account go idle, they'll get moved to the Proving Grounds. Reason being is that's a sign that they're probably a dupe account in waiting.

    Sorry, I know that wasn't clear.

  7. I likes it

  8. Gotcha
    I have a few peeps in mind that should fit in nicely
  10. That's pretty damn funny. I liked the fact you kinda stressed the funny and the community aspects.

  11. That and he scape-goated me for all the bad things that may happen here:shady:
  12. I'm ready to be "dealt with."
  13. Well, if the mayo jar fits...
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    Thrawn from genmay
    why ask why from genmay
    and icw@ter
  15. how do I tell what k I am?:D
  17. I'm inviting coqui, dreamwalker, ieholly, and onnotango.

  18. All good choices I think:)

  19. w00t!