The story of Mr Chomps...



...some of you may know the legend, many of you probably don't. Mr Chomps was a kids television show character back in the 50's. Similar to Howdy Doody and pals, he was a marionette who entertained children all over the US for close to a decade.

Times were grim. The cold war overshadowed daily life, war was raging in Korea, and lesbians were few and far between. But, for half an hour everyday, the little ones, our parents and grandparents, could tune in to Mr Chomps and his zainy antics, retreating from the cold realities of the world around them.

Then the sixties arrived, and with them came change. For the better, some say, but not for Mr Chomps. His show was axed in '61, the network suits sighting poor ratings and antiquated material. He was out of touch with the new generation of children, kids who were being raised on the hippy ideals of free love and multiple random sex partners. Ideals promoted and encouraged in shows like Sesame Street and Mister Rogers.

Mr Chomps, without a steady income and the love and adoration of his youthful fans, began a downward spiral. Drugs, sex, debauchery. Nothing much was heard from him until the mid 70's, except for the occasional note in a police blotter and an extensive rap sheet that included arrests for possession, solicitation, and prostitution. He lived underground, spending what little cash he had left to fuel his next high, his next buzz. When the money ran out he lived off the kindness of some of his former fans, now flower children and hippy scum. They passed him along like an oversized wood bong, sharing what they had until one of his PCP fueled tirades forced them to kick him out. Soon, no one would take him in. Thats when he turned to other means to feed his hallucinegenic appetite...


I kinda think you just made this up. Stories of depravity and baseness are more interesting when they're about well known figures or have a more interesting twist to them.


...It wasn't uncommon to see former child stars and acts working the streets of Sunset blvd back in the early 70s. Mr Chomps was no exception. He was up for anything, and down for it any way. And he had a long list of clients, both repeat and first timers. Splintering was common, but most dudes were into that shit back then. After a long nights work, Mr Chomps would wash up in whatever motel room he found himself in, scraping the crust off of his bits, etc. Then he'd take his wad of cash and blow it with the nearest dealer or liquor store. Rinse and repeat. This was how Mr Chomps lived for years during that dark period of time. Nothing changed until the spring of '73, when on one fateful night Ernesto Lamas and his miniature pony drove up...


Oct 15, 2004
smileynev said:
Nothing changed until the spring of '73, when on one fateful night Ernesto Lamas and his miniature pony drove up...
100% colombian coffee = :drool:

fake edit: wait, dammit, that's juan valdez.


...filipo, while small in stature, was well endowed for a miniature pony. Ernesto offered Mr Chomps $250 for a night with him, anything goes. Back then, that was a lot of money (ask drool boy). And while Mr Chomps had never entertained the notion of intimately sharing his body with a beast, he had done some experimenting with Trigger back in the day. But there was a kicker. For an additional $250, Ernesto wanted to film the encounter. Mr Chomps balked at the notion of such a depraved act being permantly recorded, but the thought of how much blow and used tampax he could buy with that extra $250 finally overcame his common sense. He agreed to everything, and off he road with Ernesto and filipo...


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Sep 30, 2004